Ozanam Come Dancing 2018 – Raises a staggering €50,000!

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Ozanam Come Dancing 2018  THANK YOU all for your support and for helping us to raise an incredible €50,400 for our summer youth programmes. Massive congratulations to Maria & Derek dancing ‘The Paso Doble’ – our Ozanam Come Dancing Winners … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Our Ozanam Come Dancing 2018 Winners – Maria and Derek dancing the Paso Doble

A HUGE Congratulations to our Ozanam Come Dancing 2018 winners

Derek and Maria dancied ‘The Paso Doble!

Maria volunteers for SVP in Malahide and is the Dublin Rose for 2018. Derek works in finance for Abbey Capital after previously spending some time teaching.

Congratulations to Maria and Derek again and to all our dancers on the night. You contributed to a wonderful night, but also to so much more, helping to raise so much funding for our Youth Summer Projects. The summer projects have such a positive impact on so many young people and children in the North-Inner City.

Thank you all so much.

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Who Will Be Tonight’s Winners?

Ozanam Come Dancing 2018 is just hours away now. This will be a great night of entertainment and we will finally get to crown our winners.

However, the real winners will be the service users of Ozanam House. Events like the Summer Projects would not happen without Ozanam Come Dancing and the people who put in the time and effort to make it happen.

So, thank you to the dancers, the sponsors, the judges, our host Brendan Courtney, choreographer June Carr, the volunteers, the staff at Liberty Hall and all the organisations that supported us. Thank you one and all.




Behind the Scenes; Meet the Ozanam Come Dancing Team

Our Ozanam Come Dancing 2018 Team have being doing stellar work behind the scenes this year. At the moment, they are finishing off the work that will make this show a huge success.

A lot of detail is required and Mickael and Erica have put in the hours (even during the “Big Snow”) to make sure that the show runs smoothly on the night. On behalf of  Ozanam House; Thank you so much Mickael and Erica.

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How the Voting Works

The winners of the competition are those who have received the most votes. Votes can be procured in advance, through fundraising, where friends, family and colleagues can sponsor the dancers and purchase as many votes as they wish – €1 = 1 vote. Votes can also be purchased on the night by the audience as follows €2 = 1 vote, €5 = 3 votes, €10 = 10 votes.

All of these votes (in advance and on the night) will account for 50% of the marks. The second 50% will be allocated by the judges on the night.

DAY_01_McCann FitzGerald_Countdown_Infographics