Michelle and Noel

Dance; Disco

Music; “Voulez Vous” by ABBA



The St. Vincent de Paul Charity has always held a special place in my heart. They have helped support many people in communities across Ireland since 1844. Unfortunately, in these times of crisis, there are increasingly more families who greatly need this support, so I couldn’t pass up this amazing opportunity to get up on the stage and raise as much money as possible for this fantastic charity and also have fun doing it.



My name is Noel O’Donohue. I currently work in St Michaels house as a Social Care Worker and have done for the last 11 years. In October 2018, I participated in my first strictly event and since then I have had the itch to do it again so here I am doing Ozanam Come Dancing. Other than the previous strictly, I don’t have much dancing experience at all. I heard about this through my friend Michelle who was looking for a dance partner, so when she asked I couldn’t say no, especially considering how good I was the last time!! What I hope to achieve by doing this is to raise as much as I can for this wonderful charity.


If you would like to sponsor us, you can do so through the main SVP website

Ozanam Come Dancing is Back

Liberty Hall, 8th March 2019

Doors Open; 6.30pm

You are invited to join us at our biggest FUNdraising event of the year; Ozanam Come Dancing 2019. This event will raise funds for the vital work we do in the community, focusing on our summer youth programmes where we hope to engage over 250 children and young people from the north inner city in a safe and fun programme during the summer months.

Our twelve brave couples will battle it out to become Ozanam Come Dancing CHAMPIONS 2019. Our judges, and you, the audience, will decide which of our couples executes Cha Cha, Disco, Tango or Jive the best. Tickets will go on sale soon and can be purchased through our website www.ozanamhouse.ie

Stay in the loop here on our news page, our through our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on the dancers, the events and even some sneak previews behind the scenes.

Last year, with your help, we raised a whopping €50,500 for our summer projects. So, join us on a night full of entertainment and fun. See you there.

You can also learn more about each of our dance couples, via the links below;

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Michelle and Noel


We Are So Proud of Our Meerkat After Schoolers After Their Interview with the Irish Independent

We were so proud of our children and parents in the Meerkat After School class last week when they were visited by the Irish Independent and asked what the after school meant to them, what was important about Christmas and what we could give to others this Christmas. Well done to everyone, you are amazing. View the link here

Dancers Needed for Ozanam Come Dancing 2019

Dear Friends,

Many of you will know, we run our big annual Fundraising event OZANAM COME DANCING in March each year.

We are now recruiting dancers for next year’s show.

The show will be held in Liberty Hall on March 8th next year.

If you are interested in getting involved, learning a dance routine in 9 weeks from Jan-March 2018, doing some much-needed fundraising for our wonderful centre or would just like more info or your questions answered please contact admin@ozanamhouse.ie or call 01-8742804

Deadline for receipt of expressions of interest is Friday 02nd November 2018.

We’d love to see you involved so don’t delay…. GET IN TOUCH NOW!

CoderDojo Mentors needed for Ozanam House

Information for Volunteers


General Information

We are in the process of establishing a free after-school coding club for young people in our community, as part of the CoderDojo movement, here in Ozanam House which is a community centre in the North Inner City run by the SVP.


CoderDojo is a global, volunteer-led movement that organises free computer clubs for young people aged 7–17, and there are more than 1600 clubs (Dojos) in countries all over the world. At a Dojo, young people explore technology and learn how to code in a fun, relaxed environment. CoderDojo gives young people confidence, a place to meet new friends, and valuable skills for the future, and it can open up new avenues for children who might not otherwise have such learning opportunities. You can find out more at coderdojo.com. We are hoping to have our Dojo up and running by mid-January 2019.


In order to be successful, a Dojo needs mentors — adult volunteers, with or without technical skills — who provide support, guidance, and encouragement for young people to complete their projects and develop their skills. Mentors in turn also receive opportunities and benefits by being a part of the CoderDojo movement as well as being a member of Ozanam House and SVP. I hope you will share this message with your staff and students, offering them the chance to contribute to their community by becoming CoderDojo mentors.



Champion’s Handbook



In addition to the resources provided here at Ozanam House, there is also a depth of resources available through the CoderDojo website which includes activities for starting the class and the best software to use for programming. There is also a Champion’s Handbook which gives the background information on CoderDojo, like how it was set-up and the organisation’s ethics, how to get a Dojo up and running and how to structure the sessions.



Class Structure



Speaking of class structure, we are hoping to have 10 Ninjas (participants) per session, which will mean a Champion and at least three mentors facilitating the sessions. We would like to have 10 mentors on the books as a way of making sure there is enough cover. The sessions will take place here at Ozanam House and we will make laptops available to those that don’t have any.






The sessions will take place for two hours on Saturdays.






Do you have to be an expert in code and programming to become involved? No, not at all. While this is a bonus, it is not essential. We do ask that you do have some technical knowledge and are comfortable using computers and for your time and enthusiasm. Also, if you have experience in a similar set-up or a background in dealing with children and teens would be a bonus.






The process is the same for all our volunteers. As we have a responsibility to all the service users at Ozanam House, everyone will go through the Garda Vetting process and reference checking. There will also be inductions and Child Protection Training provided.



Why be a mentor?



Mentoring provides volunteers with a host of valuable new skills and experiences:


Communication skills: Interaction with young people and other mentors allows volunteers to develop their communication skills.


Networking: Mentors will have the opportunity to form contacts with IT professionals.


Develop programming skills: Mentors’ technical skills will be fostered, as each Dojo covers several programming languages from beginner to advanced levels.


Local community and youth work: Mentoring will give volunteers experience of working with young people while helping out and giving back to their local community. You can support young people in Dublin’s North Inner City to develop skills which will give them opportunities to create better futures.


Professional development: Many companies recognise CoderDojo mentoring as a great addition to a job applicant’s professional development. Some companies that have worked directly with CoderDojo are Microsoft, Salesforce, Accenture, Riot Games, Deloitte, and Thomson Reuters.



Find a video illustrating what mentoring at a Dojo is like at dojo.soy/letter-mentor-vid






Thank you in advance for helping young people in our community improve their confidence and creative skills while learning to build amazing things with technology. If you have any questions or wish to volunteer, please email us at admin@ozanamhouse.ie


Ozanam Coder Flyer (Champions and Mentors[admin])


Changing Seasons- The New Term in Ozanam House

There are no Adult Education classes over the summer, however, that doesn’t mean Kim and co aren’t busy in the background preparing for the autumn classes. There are life skill classes such as computers, DIY, Dress making, Cookery, social classes in art and choir, and fitness and well being classes in Yoga and Mindfulness and dance. We are are pleased to announce that we are adding a new Philosophy class in our ‘Love Learning’ section.

“Philosophy takes a look at life’s big questions. Over 10 weeks, we will discuss the questions that occupied the minds of the greatest thinkers the world has ever known.

We will begin in ancient Greece by examining the thoughts and ideas of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. The ideas of Plato and Aristotle are still very relevant in today’s society, particularly in the area of ethics or ‘moral philosophy’.” We then go through the Middle Ages before discussing Kant, Sartre and Nietzsche.

To find out more contact us or see flyer below.

Prog flyer Autumn 2018

Oh So Special! Summer 2018

Youth Programmes

This year we had 236 children and young people engage in all of our summer projects. The last day of the project is always bittersweet and this yearwas no different. We had tears and hugs. Children pleading to come back…. Parents lining up to inquire about the registration day for our youth programmes. As short as the summer is, it makes an enormous impact on the children and the holidays we are able to give them. The handmade thank you cards from the children will surely make it to the volunteers’ memory boxes for a very long time.

As we were about to close the side door for One last time, we noticed that one of the children stayed back with his mum after everyone left, crying his little heart out. When we asked them what was going on they told us that he was crying because he didn’t want to lose all the new friends he had made in this two weeks. It is at times like this that we get to fully appreciate the impact the summer project has on the children’s life.

In many ways, the Summer Project brings the whole community around Ozanam House together for the duration of the summer to make a difference in the children and young people’s lives. All this is only possible with the huge contribution and dedication from our volunteers who take time out from their summer holidays and help us make the children’s Summer happen. This year was amazing, we engaged 61 volunteers, 38 of whom came to the centre for the first time, all contributing to a truly incredible summer.




-Active Retirement Group

The weather was very kind on our days out – except for the first trip when it was really hot, the temperature was very pleasant. The general atmosphere in the group is very pleasant and positive – appreciatively making the best of everything that comes their way and set out with an intention to enjoy the day and have fun. Our bus driver – Liam – was so pleasant and so helpful – above and beyond the call of duty. He knows the group very well at this stage and they think the world of him. Food and service were always excellent. Having a good meal out is very important for members and really makes it a good day out.

-Men’s Group

The summer Outings Programme is a key aspect in the overall personal development of the members in the Men’s Group at Ozanam House. Members gain educational, social, historical, physical and cultural skills by attending the programme which is an extension of the weekly club they attend. The men are very interested in Irish history, a fact they shared with us on an earlier outing to Kilmainham Gaol. We therefore decided to bring the men on trips with substantial Irish cultural and historical significance. It worked very well as the tours were in chronological order, starting with the earliest rebellions of the 15th century and continuing up until the rising in 1916. The summer programme began with a trip to Athlone Castle, followed by trips to Meath, Wexford, Kildare, Wicklow and Cavan. It culminated with a trip to the Padraig Pearse Museum which brought everything together very nicely.

Some of the guys spoke about how important the trips were to them and that it would have been a long and lonely summer for them if the trips were not on. That highlights how vital the Men’s Group is to its members. It is, in essence, their family and they enjoy being a part of it.




Ozanam House Childcare Centre has had a very busy summer. The childcare centre staff are delighted with the result of our makeover during the summer months. With new flooring, furniture and a fresh lick of paint the classrooms are looking bright and fresh and are an inviting space for the preschool and afterschool children to spend time learning and exploring. While the centre was busy having a makeover the children were equally as busy having fun, the pre-schoolers enjoyed trips to Wooly Wards Farm, Imaginosity, Malahide Castle and Howth beach while the afterschoolers went swimming in a local pool and enjoyed trips to St Annes Park and the Phoenix Park. We are now settled back into our new term, we have welcomed some new preschool and afterschool children and look forward to welcoming more to our new and improved centre.

Cisco Staff Brightening Up Our Day

Staff from Cisco  were on board in Ozanam House to help paint our waiting area, rear corridors and back stairwells. Their hardwork painting made the place look so fresh and bright. So a huge thank you to the team and all involved.

Cisco’s CSR team work with non-profits and NGOs with the emphasis on “long-lasting impact on a local, national and global scale”. They certainly made a positive impact on Ozanam House.