Last Week in the Men’s Group

Last week in the Men’s Group, we got out our cooking hats on and made the biggest pot of Coddle in Dublin. It didn’t last too long, it was a freezing cold day and it was just what the doctor ordered. We made lots and lots of pancakes and the men had a rare day of not so healthy eating!

On Thursday, the Men’s Group went on an outing to Kilmainham Gaol. It was a fantastic day! We are all very interested in Irish history, particularly the history of Dublin, so this was a real treat. The guide was brilliant, he really knew his stuff and seemed happy that he was giving the tour to a group of “mature locals.” It was absolutely freezing but the cold did not dull our enthusiasm for the history of the Rising and the events which followed.

Afterwards we rambled across the road to the Patriot’s Inn for dinner. It was beautiful, hot soup, stews, casseroles and fish and chips was the order of the day. We will definitely be returning to Kilmainham next year.

Continuing with the cooking theme, on Friday we gathered in the cookery room for tea/coffee, sandwiches afterwards and to bake something delicious. Others preferred to play Polo/ Bingo. Nicole will gave us a helping hand at baking.


There’s a real buzz around the Men’s Group at the moment, the weather certainly isn’t dampening our spirits!


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This Week in the Men’s Group

This week at the men’s group was fantastic. On Tuesday, we watched the remake of The Magnificent Seven! While the lads didn’t think it was quite as good as the original, they nonetheless really enjoyed it, even though some thought it was a little bit violent. Everybody, of course, enjoyed the hot buttered popcorn!

The Yoga returned on Thursday after the Christmas break. The lads really enjoy their yoga and were put through the paces by our amazing teacher, Johanna.

Easter Greetings from the Mens Group

It’s been a busy week at the Mens Group this Easter.

We packed a lot into the last few days .
In our Cookery Class we made delicious hot cross buns.

Samaritan Outreach Volunteers Ann & Patrickcame in to visit us and gave a very informative presentation on their work and facilitated a group discussion about looking after our mental health.

We were all presented with Easter Eggs too. Thanks Ozanam House!


SAMS Presentation  Samaritans Presentation on Thursday

Easter Eggs Easter Eggs are always a welcome treat!