Deirdre and Dariusz

I began my career in AIB in August and when I heard there was a Strictly Come Dancing taking place I leapt at the opportunity. When I’m not in the office, I’m putting my Music degrees to use as a nomadic clarinet player in many orchestras like the Humanitarian Symphony Orchestra. Recently, I have taken up ballroom and latin dance, finding the real joy behind it all. In doing Ozanam Come Dancing, my main aim is to make my partner Dariusz proud, and to not fall over.



Born in Poland, I have been living and working in Ireland for nearly 10 years. In my opinion joining a club or doing charity work is a great opportunity to learn something new, meet interesting people and make new friends. I am delighted to devote his time to Ozanam House. Music has always been very important in my life and I love dancing. Why not share what I truly enjoy with other people and raise money for a great cause.  Ozanam Come Dancing is a perfect way to combine both of these.


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