Level 5 Update

The introduction of Level 5 measures will mean changes for everybody, and Ozanam House is no different. Each programme is affected differently and each will have its own updates. All these plans are still subject to some changes. We thank you for your patience during this time and, as always, we will continue to support our service members and the community as best we can.

Childcare – Our Childcare Centre falls into the category of essential services and as such will remain open. Very little will change day-to-day. We continue to ensure the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 by strictly adhering to the guidelines and our protocols.

Youth Groups – Our Youth Groups are deemed an essential service and will remain open however they will now have a reduced capacity for the 6 weeks and will only allow a maximum of 4-5  people per group. The older age groups will now be offered a drop-in service while the younger groups will be no longer able to attend in-house services, but we will be posting out activity packs and organizing competitions and online events for all. Most in-house music classes will be cancelled for the coming few weeks. However, some of them will now be online.

Adult Education – All in-house Adult Education classes are unfortunately cancelled during Level 5, but many will have an online alternative. Our Cookery and Art Classes are available through video tutorial and the Yoga Classes will continue on Zoom.

Senior Programmes – Our Senior Programmes will continue in much the same way they have since the middle of March. Activities will be provided both online and through post. Glenn and Jenna will continue to be in contact with the members supporting all of them throughout this time.

Ozanam House Update 06/10/2020

Adult Education

We are starting adult classes on a phased basis.  All classes are 90 minutes or less and start and finish times are staggered.  We have increased cleaning before and after classes and throughout the building.  Our class numbers are reduced inline with social distancing measures.  All students and teachers will be required to wear face coverings in class and throughout the building.

Men’s Group

 The lads are doing well. I’m calling them once a week and sending them out puzzles and quizzes to keep them occupied. Obviously, social isolation is not good for people’s mental health, so below are a number of helpful pointers if you feel you are struggling.

Youth Groups

Our youth services are commencing back in phased bases where we see our youngest groups start back up from the week of 28th of September, our senior services the week of 5th of October with most of our music groups coming back on 3rd of October for Dance and Piano classes and 10th of October for Violin classes. 

We would like to say a huge welcome back to all the children, young people and volunteers to the centre. It was so great to see so many familiar faces back in the centre again and doing what we do best, supporting each other and our service users in times when it’s needed the most. 

October is Mental Health Awareness Month and every year we spend few sessions doing mental health workshops, this year is going to be no different and maybe even more important as we will be exploring the anxiety and stress of lockdown and the new ways of going about our lives in schools and clubs. This year we will be concentrating on finding ways to relax and take a break when things get a little bit too much for us. This is one of the posters one of our senior groups made last year for Mental Health Awareness month with some great suggestions. 

Guitar Tutor Needed

We are currently looking for somebody to come in and tutor our guitar classes on Saturdays. All the details, including who to contact, are in the text below.

About Ozanam House Community Resource Centre

Ozanam House is a community project operated by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, working directly with people in need through an action-oriented programme, attempting to effect positive change through social justice. Our work primarily involves person-to-person contact. Throughout the year we run childcare, youth, adult education and community programmes.

What’s Involved

The Volunteer will teach three classes: Beginners, Improvers 1 and Improvers 2, 45 min each. Violin, guitar, piano and dance classes for children 6 to 11 years old.

Time commitment 10 am to 2 pm.

General knowledge of music subject, to be able to lead and support classes of up to 10 children. Be interested and enthusiastic to work with children and music.

What’s required for this position

This role requires guitar tutoring and planning and organisational skills

  • Arts/ Music/ Drama
  • Guitar, Violin, Keyboard. Dance; Hip-Hop, Tap, Musical Drama.
  • Personable Skills
  • Youth/ Childcare

Level of English required for this role:
Fluent English

Times and commitment required for this role


Minimum time commitment: 1 year

Hours required: 3hrs Weekly

Training & Induction

•           The volunteer will receive an induction/information night in the centre prior to his/her first inset and will get a general information pack to become familiar with the centre and our procedures

•           The volunteer will have an initial meeting with the co-ordinator to receive a role-specific induction and to agree a timetable and schedule of duties in line with the volunteer role description

•           Ongoing individual training programmes will be provided if necessary

Other Details

Location of volunteering opportunity:
Ozanam House Resource Centre, Mountjoy Sq West, Dublin 1

Screening details for this role:

  • Garda Vetting
  • Informal Interviews
  • References
  • Application Form
  • Identification Check (photo ID etc…)

Volunteers will be provided with the following supports:

  • Support/ advice/ recognition
  • Supervision
  • Initial induction and training
  • Reimbursement of expenses
  • Ongoing training opportunities

Age restrictions:
Over 18

Is this opportunity suitable for groups/teams of volunteers?

Benefits you will receive as a volunteer

• General happiness and satisfaction • Personal and professional development in terms of confidence, patience, adaptability • Learn new skills (e.g decision-making and finding alternatives, leadership skills, communication skills, organizational skills

Contact Details

Kim Haugh

Email; admin@ozanamhouse.ie

Phone; 01 8742804

Adult Education Updates

Here is the latest update on our Adult Education Registration and start dates; Community Our Adult Education Classes come under Adult and Higher Education. Some classes will start on the 5th of October. For more details contact us on 01 8742804. Registration week will not take place next week. We will be accepting registrations for programmes via the letterbox or by phone over the coming weeks. We will be holding teacher training online during that time and now plan to commence a shorter 6-week term starting on October 12th.

Summer Sessions Poetry

Summer was a testing time for our teens in the Summer Sessions given the social restrictions in place. They turned to poetry to help express themselves. Their words can be viewed below;

Social Life in Quarantine 

Life is great, I have a week off

I really hope I don’t get a cough 

I’ve just downloaded this app called zoom

I meet all my friends in this small old room

It also helps me do music classes online

They gave us another month off, which was good at the time 

The days went slowly but now its August

Some shops are still closed and full of dust 

I wish things could go back to normal

I’m glad this will pass because 

Life back then was awful 

In This House During Lockdown 

There is too many people in here

Wherever you are, there’s always someone near 

Wreaking my head all day 

My younger siblings always want me to play 

“Fortnite, whats that, don’t care”

This new reality is becoming a nightmare

Every day feels the same 

I’m sick of hearing my name 

“jerry get out of that fecking room”

“Mum shut up I’m on a call on zoom”

Each month another two weeks added on

I should have been out of here, gone, 

Sitting next to the pool cold drink in hand

Listening to the live band. 

I wish they’d fast forward the clocks

But no

Still stuck in this box. 

Another Day Inside These Walls

No School 

I’m stuck in bed all day 

My parents always have something to say 

I get up for school but 

Not any more

I wasn’t really bothered doing it before

“get your PlayStation off the floor”

I’m so paralysed I just want to roar

It started when everything closed

There is nowhere to get my clothes

I cant even get a burger

I was left looking for a cow to murder

Fighting with my friend all the time

My sister keeps taking what’s mine

A vaccine hopefully soon

And walk all over the moon

Masks for now will have to do

No hugs or handshakes, Its cruelty! 

People don’t care any more 

Most did before

Return to Services


As Ozanam House begins to reopen to our members, and we hear the sound of many voices in the walls of our great centre once again, we want to take a moment to thank you all.

We were delighted to be able to continue to support so many people throughout the past 4 months. With the dedication and hard work of our staff and so many of our volunteers, we were able to continue to support over 300 people remotely. 

We have provided online activities, resource packs and support to so many people;

  • Class chats and online activity sessions for the children in our childcare centre.
  • Online music classes, online quizzes and resource packs for children and young people in our youth services.
  • Amazing art and cookery classes, videos and demonstrations from our teachers and our first online adult education class in Yoga.
  • Ongoing resource packs and supports to our elderly members.

We would like to say a very special THANK YOU to our amazing volunteers and staff for all of their hard work and dedication throughout this time. Challenges like this can bring out the best in people and we certainly saw some amazing efforts from all of our team.

Thank you!

Reopening Timeline

We are now moving into our reopening phase in the centre and want to share some information with you on our plans:

Over the coming days and weeks, we will be welcoming back many of our members to Ozanam House. 

1.    The reopening of our services started with our childcare centre returning on Monday the 6th of July with 32 children rushing back into their classes with smiles and warm welcomes.

2.    The next to return will be our Youth Groups on the 20th of July. Instead of the usual Summer Projects there will now be smaller ‘Summer Sessions’ taking place. The children, young people and our dedicated volunteer youth leaders can’t wait to get cracking having lots of fun over the coming weeks

3.    As our Senior Groups are in a higher risk category it means their return is slightly later than the other groups. Following public health guidelines we hope to be able to welcome members of our Active Retirement and Men’s Group back later in August and early September.

4.    The Adult Education classes will resume on the 5th of October with the registration dates taking place from the 21st to the 25th of September from 9.30 – 11.30 am at the Grenville Street entrance. 

Health & Safety Procedures

Management and staff have been working hard to adapt our centre and our practices in line with public health advice. We now have great systems and structures in place following the best and the safest practice to be able to continue to provide services in such challenging times. 

We will be adhering to the guidelines set out by the HSE and WHO. This means regularly washing our hands, keeping our social distance and practising good respiratory etiquette like coughing/sneezing into our elbows. 

The building landscape has also changed, we have introduced a new one-way system in Ozanam House. Floor markings and signage are all in place to help everybody get used to this new one-way system. Hand Sanitiser will be provided throughout the building as well as signage on what to do.

We will be in contact with all our volunteers should any changes occur as well as updating our social media platforms and website. So keep an eye out.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – ‘svpozanamhouse’

On behalf of everybody at Ozanam House, thank you so much for your support, dedication and patience, and we look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Stay safe.

Men’s Group Activities

Hopefully, our Men’s Group will be back with us in-house in the near future. In the meantime, here are some quizzes to keep you occupied. Some real good ones in here.