Youth Work Coordinator

Full-time PERMANENT Contract 

37.5 HRS PER WEEK to be based in it’s Community Resource Centre in

Ozanam House, Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1.

This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced Youth Worker to oversee all aspects of our youth programmes in Ozanam House and to continue to develop a quality youth service in the centre to meet the needs and interests of young people from the North East Inner City.

Applicants should possess the following:

  • A third level qualification in Youth & Community work or an equivalent professional qualification or relevant degree.
  • At least two years experience of working with young people in a youth work setting.
  • Experience of programme development in a youth work setting
  • Experience in coordinating programmes for young people in a similar setting
  • Experience working with Volunteers
  • Proven organisation and planning skills and the ability to work well under pressure
  • Proven communication skills and leadership skills
  • Experience of working in the community/voluntary sector would be an advantage

Interested candidates can avail of an application form and full job description by visiting . The closing date for all applications is Thursday 1st July 2021.

All appointments are subject to satisfactory references and Garda Vetting

St. Vincent de Paul is an Equal Opportunities Employer


Ozanam House Update 06/10/2020

Adult Education

We are starting adult classes on a phased basis.  All classes are 90 minutes or less and start and finish times are staggered.  We have increased cleaning before and after classes and throughout the building.  Our class numbers are reduced inline with social distancing measures.  All students and teachers will be required to wear face coverings in class and throughout the building.

Men’s Group

 The lads are doing well. I’m calling them once a week and sending them out puzzles and quizzes to keep them occupied. Obviously, social isolation is not good for people’s mental health, so below are a number of helpful pointers if you feel you are struggling.

Youth Groups

Our youth services are commencing back in phased bases where we see our youngest groups start back up from the week of 28th of September, our senior services the week of 5th of October with most of our music groups coming back on 3rd of October for Dance and Piano classes and 10th of October for Violin classes. 

We would like to say a huge welcome back to all the children, young people and volunteers to the centre. It was so great to see so many familiar faces back in the centre again and doing what we do best, supporting each other and our service users in times when it’s needed the most. 

October is Mental Health Awareness Month and every year we spend few sessions doing mental health workshops, this year is going to be no different and maybe even more important as we will be exploring the anxiety and stress of lockdown and the new ways of going about our lives in schools and clubs. This year we will be concentrating on finding ways to relax and take a break when things get a little bit too much for us. This is one of the posters one of our senior groups made last year for Mental Health Awareness month with some great suggestions. 

Guitar Tutor Needed

We are currently looking for somebody to come in and tutor our guitar classes on Saturdays. All the details, including who to contact, are in the text below.

About Ozanam House Community Resource Centre

Ozanam House is a community project operated by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, working directly with people in need through an action-oriented programme, attempting to effect positive change through social justice. Our work primarily involves person-to-person contact. Throughout the year we run childcare, youth, adult education and community programmes.

What’s Involved

The Volunteer will teach three classes: Beginners, Improvers 1 and Improvers 2, 45 min each. Violin, guitar, piano and dance classes for children 6 to 11 years old.

Time commitment 10 am to 2 pm.

General knowledge of music subject, to be able to lead and support classes of up to 10 children. Be interested and enthusiastic to work with children and music.

What’s required for this position

This role requires guitar tutoring and planning and organisational skills

  • Arts/ Music/ Drama
  • Guitar, Violin, Keyboard. Dance; Hip-Hop, Tap, Musical Drama.
  • Personable Skills
  • Youth/ Childcare

Level of English required for this role:
Fluent English

Times and commitment required for this role


Minimum time commitment: 1 year

Hours required: 3hrs Weekly

Training & Induction

•           The volunteer will receive an induction/information night in the centre prior to his/her first inset and will get a general information pack to become familiar with the centre and our procedures

•           The volunteer will have an initial meeting with the co-ordinator to receive a role-specific induction and to agree a timetable and schedule of duties in line with the volunteer role description

•           Ongoing individual training programmes will be provided if necessary

Other Details

Location of volunteering opportunity:
Ozanam House Resource Centre, Mountjoy Sq West, Dublin 1

Screening details for this role:

  • Garda Vetting
  • Informal Interviews
  • References
  • Application Form
  • Identification Check (photo ID etc…)

Volunteers will be provided with the following supports:

  • Support/ advice/ recognition
  • Supervision
  • Initial induction and training
  • Reimbursement of expenses
  • Ongoing training opportunities

Age restrictions:
Over 18

Is this opportunity suitable for groups/teams of volunteers?

Benefits you will receive as a volunteer

• General happiness and satisfaction • Personal and professional development in terms of confidence, patience, adaptability • Learn new skills (e.g decision-making and finding alternatives, leadership skills, communication skills, organizational skills

Contact Details

Kim Haugh


Phone; 01 8742804

Summer Sessions Poetry

Summer was a testing time for our teens in the Summer Sessions given the social restrictions in place. They turned to poetry to help express themselves. Their words can be viewed below;

Social Life in Quarantine 

Life is great, I have a week off

I really hope I don’t get a cough 

I’ve just downloaded this app called zoom

I meet all my friends in this small old room

It also helps me do music classes online

They gave us another month off, which was good at the time 

The days went slowly but now its August

Some shops are still closed and full of dust 

I wish things could go back to normal

I’m glad this will pass because 

Life back then was awful 

In This House During Lockdown 

There is too many people in here

Wherever you are, there’s always someone near 

Wreaking my head all day 

My younger siblings always want me to play 

“Fortnite, whats that, don’t care”

This new reality is becoming a nightmare

Every day feels the same 

I’m sick of hearing my name 

“jerry get out of that fecking room”

“Mum shut up I’m on a call on zoom”

Each month another two weeks added on

I should have been out of here, gone, 

Sitting next to the pool cold drink in hand

Listening to the live band. 

I wish they’d fast forward the clocks

But no

Still stuck in this box. 

Another Day Inside These Walls

No School 

I’m stuck in bed all day 

My parents always have something to say 

I get up for school but 

Not any more

I wasn’t really bothered doing it before

“get your PlayStation off the floor”

I’m so paralysed I just want to roar

It started when everything closed

There is nowhere to get my clothes

I cant even get a burger

I was left looking for a cow to murder

Fighting with my friend all the time

My sister keeps taking what’s mine

A vaccine hopefully soon

And walk all over the moon

Masks for now will have to do

No hugs or handshakes, Its cruelty! 

People don’t care any more 

Most did before

Our Youth Groups Have Been Keeping Fit and Preparing for A Concert

This week, the young people and volunteers in our senior youth services were taking part in our plank challenge to see who would be able to do the longest plank. We had a lot of young people take part and do an amazing job at this! Doing a plank is a lot more difficult than it looks! Our winners for this did 5 and 3-minute planks each! 

This Saturday is our last day for Violin music classes. They have been practising different pieces to celebrate their last day with a small group concert. 

A Fun Week For Our Youth Groups Ahead

This week, we are starting a little project with our younger youth groups to stay connected. Postcards have been connecting people across the world since the late 19th century and once again they are a fab little way to say hello to our loved ones. We are going to be sending two cards from us; one with a little message from our leaders and a blank one the children can design and write on and pop it back in the post box. Any cards returned to us will be going up on our Grenville Street windows to see next time the children pass our side entrance! Very excited to get some cool art and messages from the children! ??

The weekly quizzes and general hang out with the older teenagers have been as fun and enjoyable as they usually are in the centre. It’s amazing to see the young people’s resilience and perseverance in such difficult times. This week, we are going to be starting a photo competition called ‘Moments of Joy’. It’s so important to take a moment in our days to notice all the beautiful and joyful things in small moments from getting an ice cream for a friend or taking a beautiful sunset in. Everyone is welcome to join the competition and send us beautiful photos. 

Our Violin classes are flying along with their fantastic online lessons. They started learning new blues pieces and created a virtual Blues Cafè, where they share their music. However, they have also started imagining and working on some decorations, menus and layouts for an actual Blues Cafè, for when we go back to Ozanam House. We hope to invite our parents and friends to come along for some jam sessions in the Cafè! Below are two pieces from our beginner’s class! 

This Saturday we are going to be celebrating the bank holiday weekend by dressing up for the classes and doing a mini home music festival! Hope everyone dusts their flower crowns down in time! ???

Our Youth Groups Activities For This Week

We have been working with the young people and volunteers through our online platforms on Instagram and Zoom. This varies day by day from giving them up to date current information on what is happening while promoting their continued adherence to physical distancing. In the last few weeks, we have done quizzes, arts and baking projects with the young people. We have also been building our online relationships with the youth group members and adjusting to the new way of communicating through social media. Checking in on them every few days and having a catch-up. Currently, we are doing Friday hangout sessions with young people and volunteers from our senior services once a week. 

For the younger children, we have been sending activity packs and activity project ideas to the parents to do with children. Our violin classes have adapted greatly to working through Zoom and have learned new skills they would have not otherwise. Parents are becoming involved in helping children tune their violins and go through their notes, providing learning and bonding for both. 

For the next two weeks, we will be continuing the work we have been doing so far. Sending another batch of activity packs to younger children, our violin classes are looking at ways of possibly doing an online Zoom concert or possibly putting a video together of everyone playing their pieces, this is something that will take a bit of work from all parties. One of our volunteers is going to be doing an art project for Instagram as well as inviting our Instagram followers to do a photography project with us, something that could easily be done while out for a walk.  Hopefully, our Zoom hangout will grow and we will be looking at different online games and projects we could do during the call. 

What Our Youth Programmes Have Been Doing During the COVID-19 Measures

In our Youth Groups at the moment, we are providing several different forms of online and phone support to the children, young people and parents.   

For our Music Clubs, CoderDojo and Grinds for the Junior and Leaving Certs we are using Google Classrooms and providing notes and online material for children to practice at home if possible. We are also posting links where the children can work on whatever programmes they need. Instagram is a great asset and many of the projects and activities are available there.

We are also hopeful of setting up more online resources over the next week.

To date, we have done small projects on staying active, motivation, mental health and supports available, community supports, arts and baking through our Instagram account. This will be a platform to provide up to date information and promote their social solidarity. 

We have a group of 8 amazing volunteers who are going to be recording and working on different activities, projects and ideas that can be shared on our Instagram page. The hope is this is going to be an interactive and informal way to get young people’s attention and support them through this time. 

Some ideas of projects are; mini art club– in which we get the participants to share their work–, mindfulness, reading stories, story writing, educational topics; like exploring interesting topics like women’s rights including getting the vote in Ireland, cooking sessions, online safety, current age-friendly updates, coding, fitness and keeping healthy, mental health etc…  

It is also a way of us reinforcing the guidance and practices of social distancing and isolation by the young people and for us to see and respond to any developing mental health issues. 

We are available on the phone and if anyone wants to reach out on my email or on our social media channels.

Summer Project Assistant

A safe place where people learn and grow,

   that serves our needs and enriches our lives

   in a supportive, fun and caring environment

                                    Summer Project Assistant Position

Ozanam House Resource Centre is a community centre based on Mountjoy Square in the north inner city and operated by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, one of the largest charitable and voluntary organisations in the world.

The centre offers various educational (adult and youth), community, youth and childcare programs that are aimed at addressing social exclusion as well as the many needs of the local community in Dublin’s north inner city. The centre now offers 600 programme places to 500 people per week where our youngest member is 2 and our eldest is 96. We also engage 80 active volunteers who share their time and skills each week for the benefit of others.

One of our biggest and most successful programmes is our summer projects where we engage up to 200 children and young people on an action-packed activities programme throughout the months of June, July each year.

We engage as many volunteers as possible to facilitate this activity programme, mentoring the children, facilitating activities where skills allow and acting as role models to the children throughout.

Key Roles and Responsibilities are:

1. Coordinator Assistant

  • Assisting the Coordinator with all aspects of planning and preparation for the summer projects in the weeks leading up the start date in July and throughout the 4 weeks of the project in July
  • Working as part of the summer project team with volunteers, students and managers, Assisting the Coordinator with identified tasks and roles throughout the 4-week project in July 
  • Working directly with the children and young people supporting them in all aspects of their daily activities and routines while aiming to build a bond with the young people and the volunteers
  • Utilising and sharing your skills to ensure that the time you offer the programme is quality time
  • Acting as a role model to the children and young people, supporting them in all areas of their learning and development
  • To learn about youth work and good youth work practices with the help and support of the team through development meetings with the team
  • Using policies and procedures in working with the children
  • Taking part in daily briefing sessions and end of day debriefs with volunteers  Continuous on-going supervision as agreed with the coordinator

Skills, Experience & Qualities 

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to establish good relationships with children and young people 
  • Strong commitment and enthusiasm to children and young people and an understanding of the factors affecting their lives 
  • Interest and commitment to developing the capacity to provide reliable support to children and young people in times of stress and act with integrity, respect and support 
  • Good organizational skills & Admin skills for admin assistant role 
  • Good level of energy and fun as well as an accepting and non-authoritarian approach 
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team 
  • Reliability, patience, resilience and flexibility  Ability to treat children and young people’s concerns with respect, tact and sensitivity 
  • Ability to be aware of own limits, to admit it and to ask for support  Previous experience is desirable but not essential

Training & Support 

  • Volunteers will attend an induction/information night in the centre prior to starting and will get a general information pack to become familiar with the centre and our policies and procedures 
  • A Child Protection (safeguarding vulnerable children) Training session will be provided. This training will inform the volunteer of the protection and welfare of children under the Children’s Act 1997 and best practices when working with young people in this environment. 
  • The volunteer will attend specific summer project training focusing further on the details of the project itself and the role of the youth leader/mentor with lots of practical tips and guidance on all areas of the summer project 
  • Daily and ongoing individual supports will be provided throughout your time on the project

Support & Supervision

Daily de-briefing meetings occur throughout the placement where the volunteer will have an opportunity to review the day and get support and advice from training and qualified staff members in the centre. More formal supervision will be provided weekly if and where necessary.


  • Personal and professional development in terms of confidence, patience, adaptability. 
  • Learn new skills (decision-making and finding alternatives, leadership skills, communication skills, organizational skills, behavioural competencies …) 
  • The chance to contribute towards the development of children and young people to enhance the sense of self-worth and belief 
  • Opportunity to use and develop skills and talents  Opportunity to bring ideas on board and develop the centre 
  • Opportunity to develop friendships and meaningful relationships with like-minded peers 
  • Opportunity to build up valuable work experience  Opportunity to be a part of a dynamic and progressive team


Kim Haugh


Phone; 087 1836978