Adult Education Classes Updates July

Adult Education Class Members created art pieces, clothing and different accessories in the past few months.

To round off the year we had a small social event and exhibition, followed by a presentation of certificates ceremony with the participants of the classes.

At the Exhibition Hall
At the Exhibition
A Selection of Modern style paintings
A Selection of Modern style paintings
From the Dressmaking classes
From the Dressmaking classes
A Selection of Paintings from Art Classes
A Selection of Paintings from Art Classes
Dressmaking Display
Dressmaking Display
If you are interested in taking some of our classes, just email us at or call us at (01)8742804.

Our Adult Education Classes Are Returning

We are delighted to announce that our Adult Education Classes will be returning on the week of the 4th of October. Our 8-week programmes will start with Arts & Crafts (Wednesday/Thursday 9.30/11.00am), Sewing & Dressmaking (Tuesday/Thursday 6-7pm) and Yoga (Monday 6.15-7.15pm and 7.30-8.30pm).

We will be taking registrations this coming Wednesday the 22th of September here in Ozanam House from 10am.

Ozanam House Update 06/10/2020

Adult Education

We are starting adult classes on a phased basis.  All classes are 90 minutes or less and start and finish times are staggered.  We have increased cleaning before and after classes and throughout the building.  Our class numbers are reduced in line with social distancing measures.  All students and teachers will be required to wear face coverings in class and throughout the building.

Men’s Group

 The lads are doing well. I’m calling them once a week and sending them out puzzles and quizzes to keep them occupied. Obviously, social isolation is not good for people’s mental health, so below are a number of helpful pointers if you feel you are struggling.

Youth Groups

Our youth services are commencing back in phased bases where we see our youngest groups start back up from the week of 28th of September, our senior services the week of 5th of October with most of our music groups coming back on 3rd of October for Dance and Piano classes and 10th of October for Violin classes. 

We would like to say a huge welcome back to all the children, young people and volunteers to the centre. It was so great to see so many familiar faces back in the centre again and doing what we do best, supporting each other and our service users in times when it’s needed the most. 

October is Mental Health Awareness Month and every year we spend few sessions doing mental health workshops, this year is going to be no different and maybe even more important as we will be exploring the anxiety and stress of lockdown and the new ways of going about our lives in schools and clubs. This year we will be concentrating on finding ways to relax and take a break when things get a little bit too much for us. This is one of the posters one of our senior groups made last year for Mental Health Awareness month with some great suggestions. 

Adult Education Updates

Here is the latest update on our Adult Education Registration and start dates; Community Our Adult Education Classes come under Adult and Higher Education. Some classes will start on the 5th of October. For more details contact us on 01 8742804. Registration week will not take place next week. We will be accepting registrations for programmes via the letterbox or by phone over the coming weeks. We will be holding teacher training online during that time and now plan to commence a shorter 6-week term starting on October 12th.

Cookery Week 6; Cottage Pie

The latest cookery class video is available. This week’s recipe is for cottage pie and it looks amazing.


1 onion

2 carrots

2 sticks of celery

1 clove of garlic

500g of minced beef

2 tbsp of tomato ketchup or tomato puree

1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce

400ml of beef stock

1.2kgs of potatoes

Milk and Butter (for mashing)

Lesson 5; Watercolours

Lesson 5 of our Art Classes are available online. Just click the link below for your next class which is on Watercolours.

You’ll need;

Watercolour paints

Cheap watercolour paper

A round and/or flat brush

A paper towel or cloth

A jar of water for cleaning brushes

A jar of water for painting with (a pipette too if you’ve one handy)

A water spray for texture effects (this isn’t necessary)

Cookery Week 5: Sausage Pasta

This week’s dish is Sausage Pasta. It looks absolutely delicious. Remember, you can use last week’s pasta sauce for this.


400g of Sausages

1 red onion

1 red pepper

2 cloves of garlic

500 ml of pasta sauce


1 tin of plum tomatoes/ 1 tbsp of tomato puree

1/2 tsp of sugar

1 tsp of oregano

Salt & Pepper