A Big Welcome Back to Our Childcare Children

We finally got to welcome back the Children from the Childcare Centre last week and it was fantastic. It was a testament to the amazing work all our Childcare Centre staff have put in over the last few months during this difficult time. Also, all our staff in Ozanam House have put in place and adhered to new measures aimed at keeping the staff, volunteers, service users, members and visitors safe during their time in Ozanam House. Here we have the Koalas have a great time.

Our Childcare Centre Has Also Been Very Busy


  • Story videos: This week we started making story videos to be sent to the children and their families. The children have absolutely loved receiving these. We are currently sending 2 videos per week but hope to increase that.
  • Online classroom chats: This week they also started hosting classroom chats with preschool and afterschool classes which have also been really successful, the children were delighted to see each other and their teacher. 
  • Facebook videos: We have started making activity videos for our Facebook page ‘SVPOzanamHouseChildcare’ for the children to access and follow activities with their teachers. So far they have been reached by many people on our page.
  • Resource packs: We are continuing to send out resource packs to every child every week. Our preschoolers feel very important getting their school homework and the afterschoolers are enjoying getting a fun activity pack that is NOT school work. 

Find Out What Our Pre-Schoolers Have Been Up to This Week

Our pre-schoolers have been busy this week learning about elephants. All of these facts and activities can be found in the document below. This is part of the remote support structure our amazing Childcare Centre have been working on recently.

Ozanam House, as always, is here for all our service users and the wider community of the north inner city.

Stay in Touch

As we are all aware, many measures have been brought in to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect some of the most vulnerable people in terms of health in our society. It may be a scary time and it probably feels like everything has stopped. However, these are temporary precautions. And, as always, Ozanam House is here to support the community of the north east inner city. All our programmes are still available online and our programme coordinators are still available to answer your questions or talk about any queries you may have.

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Childcare Centre


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