The Amazing Postcards and Picture Competition From Our Youth Groups

For the past few weeks, children from our youth groups have been sending us the postcards back with some amazing art and messages on them. Keep sending them back. We love to see them. For anyone passing by our Grenville Street entrance, they are put up on the window there. 

Huge thank you to all young people and volunteers who entered the photo competition. We received so many lovely photos of families, pets, nature, exercise, food and so much more. It’s great to see we can still take a moment and appreciate the beautiful things in our life. Here are some of those photos you can have a look at. 

For this week we are going to be doing a Plank Challenge, to see who can hold the plank the longest time, I know some of us will be just great at this challenge! 

Children in violin class are recording their favourite pieces for our summer music concert in two weeks time.