Occupational Wellness for Our Active Retirement Group

Continuing with our physical and mental wellness of our Active Retirement members we look at Occupational Wellness this week. Vocational, Professional, or Occupational Wellness is a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment from your career, occupation, and work. It also means you maintain a good balance between your personal and professional lives. The ways of improving this are in the document below.

Intellectual Wellness for Our Active Retirement Group

Continuing with our physical and mental wellness of our Active Retirement members we look at Intellectual Wellness this week. Intellectual Wellness refers to active participation in scholastic, cultural, and community activities. The ways of improving this are in the document below.

Ozanam House Return to Services Update

First of all, we would like to thank all of our members and service users for their continued patience during this difficult time. The last few months have been difficult for all of us but we are delighted to be looking ahead and reopening our service slowly over the coming weeks.

Over the coming days and weeks, we will be able to welcome back many of our members to Ozanam House starting next Monday 6th July.

We will be adhering to the guidelines set out by the HSE and WHO. This means regularly washing our hands, keeping our social distance and practicing good respiratory etiquette like coughing/sneezing into our elbows.

The building landscape has also changed a little. Hand Sanitiser will be provided throughout the building as well as signage on what to do and floor markings to show our new one way system.

As we provide many services in the centre here with various age groups and risk categories, each service will be returning on different dates with different measures in place

  • The Childcare Centre will be the first section to return on the 6th of July. 

The number of children using the centre will be similar to what it was before and we cant wait to welcome all of children back next Monday

  • The next to return will be our Youth Groups on the 20th of July.

Instead of the usual Summer Projects there will now be smaller ‘Summer Sessions’ taking place. The numbers will volunteer youth leaders can’t wait to get cracking having lots of fun over the coming weeks

  • As our Senior Groups are in a higher risk category it means their return is slightly later than the other groups. Following public health guidelines we hope to be able to welcome members of our Active Retirement and Men’s Group back later in August
  • The Adult Education classes will resume on the 21st of September with the registration dates taking place on the 15th/16th of September. We may continue some of our online activities and classes over the summer so watch this space.

Management and staff have been working hard to adapt our centre and our practices in line with public health advice. We now have great systems and structures in place following the best and the safest practice and how to continue to provide services in such challenging times. We will be in contact with all our members should any changes occur as well updating our social media platforms and website. 

As always, we are dedicated to our members and the community of the north east inner city. If you feel the need to reach out, even if it’s just for a chat, don’t hesitate to do so. We have come a long way together and we will continue the next steps in this journey together also.

On behalf of everybody at Ozanam House, thank you and we’ll see you soon. Stay safe.

Update on Our Men’s Group Return

As the restrictions and preventative measures are easing across the country, it means our members can start returning to Ozanam House. Obviously, numbers will initially be contained and social distancing guidelines will need to be respected. Below is the latest news regarding the Men’s Group, but also some information on the centre as a whole. Also, there is a fun television below. With answers in the link; https://www.kensquiz.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/CTVA.pdf

Physical Wellness for Our Active Retirement Group

Our Active Retire Group cares about the physical and mental wellness of its members. This has continued during the restrictions due to COVID 19. While it has not been easy to maintain this we have found ways around it. Starting today, we will be regularly posting about Wellness for Seniors on our website. See the document below for information;

Our Youth Groups Have Been Keeping Fit and Preparing for A Concert

This week, the young people and volunteers in our senior youth services were taking part in our plank challenge to see who would be able to do the longest plank. We had a lot of young people take part and do an amazing job at this! Doing a plank is a lot more difficult than it looks! Our winners for this did 5 and 3-minute planks each! 

This Saturday is our last day for Violin music classes. They have been practising different pieces to celebrate their last day with a small group concert. 

Drama in Our Active Retirement Group

There is a lot of drama in the Active Retirement Group right now… the good kind of drama that is! Our incredible volunteer, Karina, is reaching out to members over the phone and online to bring theatre, drama, and creativity to our new routines. This week, she reconnected the group to Drama through the 3 -C’s – Creativity, Character, and Confidence. 

The first exercise is simple, she gave the following list of 5 words: Friends, Alive, Attitude, Lacking, and Grace. Members have 5 minutes to write how they connect and associate with each word. This could be a sentence, a paragraph, a poem, a memory, a history, a comedy, anything! The goal is to be creative, explore, and enjoy! No pressure and no judgement. 

I can’t wait to see what they come up with!