Brenda and Gary

Dance; Cha Cha

Song; “Mercy” by Duffy



I am the general manager of Dance World.  I was introduced to Ozanam Come Dancing through Dance Worlds connection and sponsorship of the event. I have great admiration for the work and support Ozanam House gives to the local community. After watching the event the last couple of years it looked like a fantastic process to be a part of, I am delighted to be able to support and raise funds for the indispensable summer projects! I love to dance, and clearly force others to do so too….sorry Gary ?. Feeling both excited and nervous to perform, can’t wait to get started!


After being asked for years by Brenda to dance with her I finally got the courage and said I would and I know it’s a decision I definitely won’t regret.  From our first group meeting, where we were told about Ozanam House and its amazing work for the inner city community it was easy to see how much the centre means to everyone who uses it. And if making a show of myself on stage means that the centre can continue their work, then I’m happy to help!


If you would like to sponsor us, you can do so through the main SVP website