Lynn and Joe

Dance; Bollywood

Song; “Mundian To Bach Ke” by Panjabi MC



I’m proud to say I work for SVP as an Area Manager for Vincent’s shops in East region. It is a very humbling and rewarding place to work, knowing the proceeds from our shop team’s hard work goes straight back into supporting local communities. Although I was forced under duress to participate in this year’s Ozanam Come Dancing- I’m delighted that by embarrassing myself and making the other couples look good  I will help to raise much needed funds for the fantastic work that is done in Ozanam house!



I work as a Relief Shop Manager for SVP in the Vincent’s shop which gives me a great insight into the needs of the local community we serve. I was born and raised in the Inner city until I was 10years old. I remember the days when there was little to do to keep us occupied and on the straight and narrow, so I really appreciate the work Ozanam house does for young and old alike. I am also looking forward to teaming up with Lynn to enjoy a night of fun and fundraising all for a worthy cause! (she wrote this obviously!)


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