Meet Our New Youth Work Coordinator; Elaine

Our new youth Group coordinator Elaine was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to chat to us about her plans for the Youth Groups, her thoughts on Ozanam House and some of her experience working with youth groups;


What are your plans for the Youth Groups?

My plans are to continue with the good work that is already in place at Ozanam House, and to promote evidence based programmes through informal education means. To engage with young people from the community, and to develop their capacity.

Are you looking forward to them starting up again?

Yes, I really enjoy getting to know young people and forming relationships.  Having those discussions of what the young people would like to be involved in, so that we can plan programmes together.  To have an understanding of what it’s like to live in their Community.

Are you enjoying working in Ozanam House so far?

Yes, there is such a lovely atmosphere in Ozanam House, everyone has been really helpful. They have really made me feel welcome in the Ozanam House family. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience of working within the community, and I shall be linking-in with staff and volunteers for their support and advice. There is also a lot of laughter and fun in the building and it’s a joy to come to work.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into youth work?

I live in Bray were I was employed in my local community centre, on a Community Employment Scheme; I was employed as an After School Worker. I really enjoyed it; so much that, that I applied to NUI Maynooth University. I achieved a BA in Community & Youth Work an Honours Degree and a Master in SOCIAL SCIENCE (RIGHTS AND SOCIAL POLICY). Through my attainment in University I was employed by Bray Youth Services/Cross Care as a youth worker. I loved working there, but now I’ve been given an opportunity of a new path, a new role as Youth Work Coordinator at Ozanam House, which I am so happy about.