Saying Goodbye

On the last day of the Youth Summer Projects, we had a parade around Mountjoy Square. It was a great send-off for both the children and volunteers.

The last day of the project is always bittersweet and this time around was no different. We had tears and hugs. Children pleading to come back…. Parents lining up to enquire about the registration day for our youth programmes in September. As short as two weeks might sound, it makes an enormous impact on the children and the holidays we are able to give them. The handmade thank you cards from the children will surely make it to the volunteers memory boxes for a very long time.


As I was about to close the side door for one last time for project 1, I noticed that One of the members from Rhythms stayed back with his mum after everyone left, crying his little heart out. When I asked them what was going on they told me that he was crying because he didn’t want to lose all the new friends he had made in this two weeks. It is at times like this that we get to fully appreciate the impact the Summer Project has on the children’s life. In many ways the Summer Project brings the whole community around Ozanam House together for the duration of the summer to make a difference in the children’s life. All this is only possible with the huge contribution and dedication from our volunteers who take time out from their summer holidays and help us make the children’s Summer happen.