Congratulations to Our Ozanam Come Dancing 2019 Winners – Tereza and Graham dancing the Argentine Tango

A HUGE Congratulations to our Ozanam Come Dancing 2019 winners

Tereza and Graham danced ‘The Argentine Tango!’

Tereza and Graham both work for law firm McCann Fitzgerald. Tereza said of being involved in Ozanam Come Dancing 2019; “Even though the thought of performing live is daunting, any doubts I might have had dissipated when I met Tony and the Ozanam House team – their enthusiasm for their work is infectious. It is a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful fundraising effort” Graham added; “The Ozanam Come Dancing alumni at McCann FitzGerald have nothing but good things to say about the process and so I just had to get involved.”

Congratulations to Tereza and Graham again and to all our dancers on the night. You contributed to a wonderful night, but also to so much more, helping to raise so much funding for our Youth Summer Projects. The summer projects have such a positive impact on so many young people and children in the North-Inner City.

Thank you all so much.