Our Dancers’ Thoughts


  1. What three words best describe your dance?
  2. How do you feel now compared to the beginning of rehearsals? (more confident, more nervous?)
  3. What has been your highlight so far?
  4. Who are you most looking forward to seeing in the audience on the night?



  1. Sparkly/fun/discooooooo.
  2. More confident
  3. Losing a lot of weight
  4. My husband



  1. Elegant/smouldering and sexy.
  2. I have never been so nervous about anything I have done in my life.
  3. I love the challenge of learning something new at 63 years of age and love the feel-good factor in helping to contribute to a worthy cause like Ozanam House.
  4. All my family and friends especially my 2 kids Conor and Lauren and I hope I make them proud of their “Old Man” on the night or else give them a good laugh.



1. I loved it!

2. I feel more confident.

3. Loved every minute of it!

4. To see my biggest supporter, Husband Matt.





  1. Fun. ChaCha!
  2. We feel confident enough that we know the routine now but let’s just hope it stays in our heads on the night. We’re definitely more nervous now then we were at the beginning, mainly at the thoughts of performing in front of hundreds of people!
  3. Learning something completely new has been a highlight for both of us and getting to go through this experience together is a bonus, looking back at each week’s progress is a real sense of accomplishment. Another highlight was the table quiz fundraiser we ran in February, the turnout was amazing, and the support shown has been overwhelming and it was great fun!
  4. Definitely our family and friends – knowing that they are all there to support us and cheer us on makes us feel a lot more excited and hopefully ease the nerves.