Samba originated in 19th Century Brazil and its rhythms and movement were heavily influenced by African dances. The early samba dances were performed with one person in a circle and consisted of shifts, rapid steps, sides and a still upper body with leg and arm movements.

The dance moved from the sugarcane plantations to the favelas and then to the streets and carnivals. This was very much a dance of the poor and was frowned upon by the rich.

Samba ballroom is a Latin dance and has moved somewhat away from the original Samba dance and has more in common with the music of the same name. It was transformed in France in the 1910s and was popularised by Carmen Miranda in That Night in Rio. It consists of a rhythmic bouncing action with bending the knees and exuberant hip action.

Performed on the Night by Áine and Peter to “The Shape of you” by Ed Sheerin (DJ Ice Version)