All Go in Our Youth Groups

Anyone who has been to Ozanam House might have found tiny cutouts of different characters from Christmas, St Patrick’s day and Easter Treasure Hunts. They are so well hidden that children taking part in our annual Easter Egg hunt found some from last years hunt, causing a little bit of confusion on the final egg count!


In recent weeks, we have been busy celebrating the power of positivity. Our youth groups got busy making positivity posters, gratitude jars and taking part in body positivity workshops. While everyone had a great time decorating their amazing jars with everything they could find in the arts presses, they also got to fill those jars with all the incredible things they are grateful for and make them happy. Some of them chose to leave their jars in Ozanam House so the leaders could write nice things for them every week to make them happy.


Our senior youth groups took part in body positivity workshops to learn ways of loving and accepting all bodies. This is especially important at their age as social pressures can be extremely challenging and difficult for many of them.

As the weather is picking up and we are getting closer and closer to summer both young people and children in our groups have started making their wish lists and activities they want to be doing during the summer project and it is getting everyone very excited.