Recruiting Childcare Centre Volunteers

Ozanam House is recruiting volunteers for its Childcare Centre.

Volunteers required to support the Homework Club, and for general Workshops.

If you are interested in this role, please contact us now!

Phone: 01-8742804

Our Organisation

Ozanam House is a community resource centre run by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. It is located on the site of the original clothing and furniture warehouse in a building that has also been used by the Society for a variety of purposes for over 100 years. Since our opening in September 2002 we have continued to develop various programmes and projects aimed at addressing the issue of social exclusion as well as the many needs of the local community in Dublin’s north inner city.

The centre now offers over 600 programme places to more than 500 people per week where our youngest member is 2 and our eldest is 96. We also engage 75 active volunteers who share their time and skills each week for the benefit of others.


  • Attend the Child Protection Training session.
  • Attend team planning meetings each term.
  • Help prepare for the groups.
  • Take part in activities and spend time with the children and young people.
  • Be a role model for the children and young people and help them with their activities.
  • Supervise the group together with other volunteers.
  • Attend outings and trips to provide support to co-ordinator, if requested and if available.
  • Attend and contribute to debriefings after the classes with other volunteers.
  • Work as part of a volunteer team within a really supportive environment where everybody helps each other, giving and taking ongoing feedback and support between all volunteers.
  • Attend team meetings every term to assist the co-ordinator with planning, organising, developing and running the programme.
  • Support the implementation of restorative practice as a procedure for conflict resolution in the group.
  • To attend meetings and training days if/when applicable.
  • To follow the policies and procedures of Ozanam House which can be found in the induction pack or in the office.
  • Other general responsibilities in the context of the role as agreed with the co-ordinator.

Skills, Experience & Qualities

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to establish good relationships with children and young people.
  • Strong commitment and enthusiasm to children and young people and an understanding of the factors affecting their lives.
  • Interest and commitment to developing the capacity to provide reliable support to children and young people. in times of stress and act with integrity, respect and support.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Good level of energy and good commitment to having fun.
  • An accepting and non-authoritarian approach.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Reliability, patience, resilience and flexibility.
  • Ability to treat children and young people’s concerns with respect, tact and sensitivity.
  • Ability to be aware of own limits, to admit it and to ask for support.
  • An openness to learning and developing further good practices when working and supporting young people.
  • Previous experience is desirable but not essential.

Training & Induction

  • The volunteer will receive an induction/information night in the centre prior to his/her first inset and will get a general information pack to become familiar with the centre and our procedures.
  • The volunteer will have an initial meeting with the co-ordinator to receive a role-specific induction and to agree a timetable and schedule of duties in line with the volunteer role description.
  • At this meeting the volunteer will have a support volunteer appointed to them. This person will have been working with the group for some time and will provide initial guidance, advice and support to the new volunteer.
  • Child Protection Training will be provided within the first few weeks. This training is compulsory and will inform the volunteer of the protection and welfare of children under the Children’s Act 1997 and best practices when working with children and young people.
  • Team meetings take place each term,  as well as individual training programmes that will be provided if/where necessary.

Support & Supervision

The co-ordinator will be responsible for the supervision of the volunteer. Volunteers will meet with their co-ordinator either in one-to-one meetings, or in larger group meetings to discuss ongoing progress and any issues arising.
General volunteer meetings, for all volunteers, will take place twice a year, in May and November.


  • General happiness and satisfaction.
  • Personal and professional development in terms of confidence, patience, adaptability.
  • Learn new skills (e.g decision-making and finding alternatives, leadership skills, communication skills, organizational skills, behavioural competencies).
  • The chance to contribute towards the development of children and young people to enhance their sense of self-worth and belief.
  • To make a difference in young people’s lives.
  • Opportunity to use and develop skills and talents.
  • Opportunity to bring ideas on board and develop the centre.
  • Opportunity to work in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Opportunity to develop friendships and meaningful relationships with like-minded peers.
  • Opportunity to build up valuable work experience.
  • Tea and coffee will be provided for all volunteers.

If you are interested in this role, please contact us now!

Phone: 01-8742804