What Our Childcare Centre Has Been Doing During the COVID-19 Measures

We’ve been researching and sending out resource packs each week. One for preschool and one for after-school. We’ve tried to have an educational element to the preschool packs and have been operating from a weekly theme such as Easter for the most recent one. Because the schools are sending work for the Afterschool groups we’re trying to make these ones more fun. Both packs include colouring pages, things to make and do, mindfulness activities, exercises and other activities.

We’ve been trying really hard to make sure that the families should have the things they’ll need at home and are sending what they’d be missing in the packs. For example, the preschool children all received a child’s scissors in one pack for cutting activities.

We’ve also been making direct contact with parents on the phone to check in on them and see if there are any supports they need that we could provide or where we may need to link them into other community supports. I’m sure that they’ll all be happy to know that we’re busy planning for when we reopen too!!

Some of our Easter activities can be found here: