ARG Collins Barracks Trip March 2024

The group went on the Recovered Voices tour in Collins Barracks. The tour focused on World War 1 and the impact it had on the individual lives of nurses, doctors, prisoners of war and soldiers. Our tour guide was Tola.

Outside the Barracks
Learning about Equipment

Taking in the History

Everyone really enjoyed the outing and some of the feedback from the group include the following:

‘I really enjoyed the tour and learnt things I didn’t know before about the war.’

‘In school the teacher sat up at the top of the class and just read history none of it sank in.’

‘We learnt more about the effects of the war on individual men and women than we did at school.’

‘The guide was very clear and he was a great speaker and you could hear him. He was very interesting.’

Thank you to everyone in Collins Barracks for a great tour.

Relaxing Afterwards

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