Active Retirement Group Poem

The ARG have been getting their creative juices moving and produced a lovely poem reflecting on stages of life.


I saw a child,
A spoilt child,
Playing games,
Having fun,
Girls wearing pink,
Boys wearing blue,

Then that child at 16,
Who loved to dance,
She danced in the dark,
With no trouble at the door,

Growing up like her big sister,
with money in her pocket,
And a big adult job,
She put on her make up,
And her Jimmy Choo shoes,

Suddenly she dancing in the dark,
But she is no longer alone,
Her hands are held tightly,
She is hearing lullabies in her ear,

But it’s time for me to grow up,
Soon I will be a mother myself,
With tiny feet kicking inside,
I wonder when will you be born?

But it’s time to grow up again,
Now that I’m a grandmother,

I’m minding the grand children,
We are visiting the Zoo and chasing,
Imaginary animals in the street,
They are wearing their superhero t-shirts,
And I’m the big bad wolf.

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