Alma and Jim – The competition and their idols

Ozanam Come Dancing 2014 Contestants Alma and Jim aka the "DreamHow are you feeling? How do you think you will do on the night?

Alma: “The jury is out on that”

Jim: “Slightly apprehensive. Nerves are kicking in but on the night we will come first of course! Seriously though, we will be happy to complete our dance with no hiccups.”

What do you think of the other competitors?

Alma: “Gawd knows, we haven’t all danced at the same time, YET, all shall be revealed next week how utterly terrible we all are… lol”

Jim: “They’re a great bunch and like ourselves they’re putting in maximum effort and I wish them the best of luck on the night.”

Who do you think you have to watch out for? Who do you think is the best dancer from your fellow contestants?

Alma: “Sally and Conor, Sally’s sparkly outfit alone will win.  They are really good”

Jim: “Sally and Connor are looking very good although I have not yet seen everyone perform so I can’t say yet.”

If you could have one dance with anybody you liked in the whole wide world who would it be and what dance would you like to dance to?

Alma: “Daniel Craig as Bond 🙂 . Sorry Jim you can’t beat bond boy.”

Jim: “If I had the energy I would love to do a routine with Beyonce (dream on)”