Lizzie and Jim – Last impression before the show

Lizzy and Jim

How are you feeling? How do you think you will do on the night?

“We are feeling content but a little bit nervous still. We hope to be able get threw the routine with out any obvious mistakes.”

How is your partner getting on?

“We are a very new partnership, but it is going really well despite having to do 8 weeks of training in only 10 days!”

What were your best moments? What is your best memory of this experience so far?

Jim: “My best moments were: -1 when I was chosen for this competition

-2 when June praised us for are progress this week. My best memory of this experience so far has been the fact that I am doing something which has given me an insight into a whole new world of dancing for such a wonderful cause.”

Any tips for anybody thinking of doing this in the future?

“ Our advice would be to be prepared to spend a lot of your personal time doing something else for the good of someone else and to have your dancing shoes polished up and finally be prepared for the roller coaster of your life.”