Judith Kelly and Shane Connolly

 Dancing the Hustle.

Judith’s hobbies are the flying trapeze! While Shane’s main hobby is competitive dancing.

Judith has had experience in the circus, while Shane says ” I nearly won Ozanam Come Dancing last year, but I was robbed due to internal SVP politics! – Ha ha!”
They didn’t know each other before the competition, but Shane thinks he knows Judith from “Crime Watch”. A joker that one.

They decided to participate because Shane loves dancing and Judith says, “If your not in, you can’t win”.


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28 comments on “Judith Kelly and Shane Connolly

  1. What is your first experience and impression of the dance and song?

    Judith – “Groovy”

    Shane – “Loved it!”

    What three words best describe your dance?

    Judith – “Bee, Gees, Boogie”

    Shane – “A, Maze, Ing”

    How was the first few dance practices?

    They were horrendous! But Shane thinks they were brilliant and they’re really getting into it now.

    How are you getting along?

    Judith – “We’re not. Hardly speaking. Haha!”

    Shane – “Fantastically. She’s great (Only cause she’s looking at me!)”

    Any surprises?

    “It’s a longer cycle to practice that we thought, but that we got our first lift last week which was amazing!”

    Funny stories:

    Judith: “I’ve only put my hip and shoulder out to date.”

    Shane: “Perhaps the look on my face when June (choreographer) told us we were doing a lift.”

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