Lee and Moira

Lee and Moira are dancing the Paso Doble.

I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, sometimes despite myself. Having witnessed the excitement with Ozanam Come Dancing over the past two years, I jumped at the chance to take part this year. Dancing with a person I met for the first time eight weeks before the big night? Busting some serious moves when my usual dance is the food-prep kitchen shuffle along to 1950s New Orleans rhythm and blues?  All this in front of a crowd of friends, workmates and strangers – how could anyone say no?!
I’m looking forward to working with Moira, learning our routine, raising some funds for Ozanam House and having fun in the process. Oh, and getting to wear a cape as part of my costume!

Well I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and I think dancing in front of hundreds of people might just fit the bill! I’m also a huge fan of Ozanam House so being able to help fundraise and have a great experience seems the perfect combination.
I love to dance too, so learning a new dance from our great teacher June is a bucket list experience. Also I couldn’t deprive Lee from wearing a cape!

You can show your support for Lee and Moira by sponsoring their dance through their SVP Fundraising Page Here >>

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    • Rehearsals are tough! However the surprise is how much fun it is and June is our fantastic teacher. Biggest shocker is how challenging it is!

    • My first experience of the song was back as a teenager in the days of Purple Rain. So it was great to hear it again, and to know that we would be dancing to such a classic. The dance is great, very dramatic. I don’t get to come on stage on a motorbike but I do get to fling a cape…

    • Im a Prince fan …to say the least! so a bit of a dream come true dancing to one of his songs! The Paso is probably tougher than I thought and v dramatic so need to get my game face on…without bursting into laughter…im scowling in the mirror to practice

    • Pretty good. I think it was probably difficult for Moira to get to grips with how good a dancer I am. But she’s caught up with me now so it’s going well.

    • Pretty good. I think it was probably difficult for Lee to get to grips with how good a dancer I am. But he’s caught up with me now so it’s going well.

  1. I can safely say I never thought I would be getting ready to dance a pasa doble on stage to 400 people. But, like anyone, it’s not the first time I find myself in the middle of doing something I’d never anticipated and wondering how exactly this all came to pass. I’m happy that, on this occasion at least, it’s a lot of fun and I get to raise some money for an amazing cause!

    • Hell no! 🙂 I agreed to do it on a whim before Christmas! Its great fun and I feel really proud to be doing it for Ozanam House…going there every week and meeting the staff there really brings to life what a special place it is

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