Odhran and Sarah

Odhran and Sarah are dancing the Charleston.

I’m doing the event because I’ve always liked dancing but never learnt formally and this is a great opportunity to give it a try while supporting a great organisation at the same time.”

I heard about the Ozanam Come Dancing through a colleague at LCP, who has been involved in the past with other fundraising events for the charity.
I’ve always enjoyed making a fool of myself on the dance floor and thought that it would be a good idea to raise some money this time.
Ozanam House do great work for the community and I know the money raised will help to bring enjoyment to a lot of people.

You can show your support for Odhran and Sarah by sponsoring their dance through their SVP Fundraising Page Here >>

10 comments on “Odhran and Sarah

    • Rehearsals have been going really well. We did have a couple of falls one evening but thankfully that’s been it (hopefully!).

    • I couldn’t stop smiling when I heard we were going to be doing the Charleston to ‘All That Jazz’, it is such a high energy dance and song that we couldn’t not have fun learning it!

    • The first few dance practices were quite low key compared to now, it has definitely got more intense in the last few weeks!

    • I’ve started watching Strictly in the last couple of years and that had definitely piqued my interest in doing something like this. I never imagined I’d get an opportunity take part in such a big production as Ozanam House manage to put on (a stage in-front of 400 people!!) so I’m really enjoying it.

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