Front Door Back to its Former Glory

We recently had a lot of painting and decorating done throughout Ozanam House Resource Centre by our fantastic corporate sponsored volunteers from CISCO and GLG. When we stood back to admire all that fantastic work, and how great Ozanam House Resource Centre looked inside, we noticed that outside, our front door looked a little bit shabby, and didn’t quite look as fresh as the rest of the building.
Considering that this old Georgian door lets hundreds of visitors in and out every day, over 500 per week, non-stop for the last 14 years, a bit of wear and tear was understandable. We knew that something had to be done, and done fast!

Our daytime caretaker, Liam (Handyman, problem-solver & DIY extraordinaire ) came to the rescue and undertook the not so small task of restoring our front door back to its former glory! He has done such a wonderful job, we felt we had to share it with you.
Below we have some before and after pictures.

dsc_0964dsc_0958 dsc_0957
dsc_0969 dsc_0978 dsc_0998 dsc_0997