Music is in the air!

while Saturday might be a day of rest for some, here in Ozanam House it is one of our busiest days with our music classes running all morning.
Today It might be dull and dark outside but inside Ozanam House the halls are alive with the sound of beautiful music and the unmistakable rhythmic beat of tap dancing!
In the den our teacher Keiruu and the piano class can be heard performing Mary had a little lamb almost note perfect, while our violin class fill the 1st floor of the building with playful tunes to lift anyone’s mood.
Our guitar classes are the back bone of the house, strumming out the tunes sending them from the top of the house to the ground floor , under the guidance of our Guitar teacher Lynn.
Lauren our dance teacher is a tap aficionado and by the looks and sound of if we might just have the next generation of tap stars in our midst. The singing class make some of the most beautiful music to be heard in the house all with the instrument their were born to play under the watchful eye of our singing teacher Keiruu.