The Youth Group’s Scavenger Hunt

Last week, we competed in a Scavenger Hunt around the building, but first, we had our traditional circle time. We discussed our energy levels, our moods and what our favourite activity at the beach was. Some of our favourites are counting crabs, throwing stones into the sea and snorkelling.

After learning the rules of the Scavenger Hunt, the children were on their way exploring. The Scavenger Hunt took place in many different rooms in this old Georgian house. The goal of the game was to crack the code and count the number of objects hidden around the rooms. These were  pictures of slush puppies, ice creams, etc. They had to be quick though, they had five minutes to count all the objects and break the code.

This activity helps develop a number of skills in the children. The groups have to cooperate as a team to complete the different tasks. It also creates healthy competition as they had to complete the objectives within the time-frame, although everyone was a winner. Something that is very important and something we always try to do is to get the children familiar with Ozanam House itself. Using the entire house for different games is a great way of getting the children comfortable with their environment and their community.