Summer Projects 2018 – What It All Means to us…..

Nothing sounds and feels like summer more than the first day of the Youth Summer Project in Ozanam House. The den is full of volunteers in yellow t-shirts and on the other side of our door there are approximately 100 very excited children and their families waiting to start their summer of fun with us.

Summer project has its very own special type of magic to it, children tell each other stories about past projects as if they were the most fascinating and captivating tales. For weeks they have been trying to get top secret details of the plans out of me, asking me questions every time they got a chance. Who is coming back, where are we going, are we making slime, are we going back to Fort Lucan… On the first day of the project I have had parents tell me that children were up at 6am in the morning begging to go to Ozanam House already.

With the help and great work of the volunteers, so far we have been able to give a fantastic summer to up to 230 children and young people.

This year we have themes for each week of the summer project including Championship, Carnival and Science week. The young people got to do lots of activities related to each theme. It has been so much fun….we don’t want it to ever end!