The Fun and Magic of Youth in Ozanam House

This year, we have welcomed many new faces to our youth groups for all ages to join us in the fun and excitement of the groups. Our dedicated volunteers have put in so much time and care to make each evening for the children and young people full of joy. The past few weeks have been busy with the children and young people working on projects on Mental Health, Film Making, Climate Change, Magic workshops and much more.
The amazing Jack Wise came in to bring a little bit of Magic in our life. The young people and volunteers had a fantastic time learning all about different tricks and practicing them together. Look out for our next Talent Show, it’s bound to cast a spell!
For the National Mental Health week, young people took some time to work on their positivity and actions they can take to support each other and be mindful of their mental health. From healthy food, healthy minds cooking session to designing a mental health board, everyone got involved.
Currently, our Senior Youth Services are learning the importance of First Aid and the first steps to take to make a massive difference in someone’s life. A big thank you to the Trinity Medicine students: Street Doctors for sharing their skills.
We have also started to introduce Film-Making in our youth programmes which has been a great hit with our younger groups, so we might have some Ozanam Youth Bulletin videos coming up sometime soon!