Fiona and Dave – The competition and idols

Fiona and DaveHow are you feeling? How do you think you will do on the night?

Dave: “Quietly confident we will win on the night”

Fiona:” Scared…!! I will probably be petrified on the night.”

What do you think of the other competitors?

Dave: “Not a lot- there’s been a lot of boosting, but we’ll see who gets the last laugh!”

Fiona: “Everyone is talented and lovely”

Who do you think you have to watch out for? Who do you think is the best dancer from your fellow contestants?

“Gary and Ann are definitely the pair to watch, with 15 years tap, jazz and contemporary experience between them they are pure grace and skill on the dance floor!”

If you could have one dance with anybody you liked in the whole wide world who would it be and what dance would you like to dance to?

“A peaceful waltz with Gandhi or Hammer time with MC Hammer!”