Deirdre Gavin and Conor O’Boyle

 Dancing a 60’s Swing.

Dierdre’s hobbies are yoga, tennis, and reading. Conor’s hobbies are playing pool, gym, and tennis.

While they both have extensive experience ‘busting out’ their moves in the clubs, Deirdre has experience with Irish dancing.

When asked if they knew each other before this experience they said, “Yes, we are partners, since way before Strictly.” They took part in this event because it’s a great cause and it will be fun to learn to dance.


You can sponsor our dance here & help us raise funds for Ozanam House!


13 comments on “Deirdre Gavin and Conor O’Boyle

  1. What is your first experience and impression of the dance and song?

    The song is catchy, we never heard it before.

    What three words best describe your dance?

    Lively, entertaining, cosmic

    How was the first few dance practices?

    Good, Conor had difficulty learning how to control his feet 🙂

    How are you getting along with your dance partner?

    “Better than ever!”

    Any surprises?

    Deirdre feels she’s a better dancer than she thought and Conor’s surprised how much he’s enjoying it.

    Funny stories?

    The first time we practiced our lift, Deirdre wore a skirt and was flashing to the other dancers practicing in the hall!!

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