Claire Lewis and Phillip Madden

Dancing the Charleston.ย 

Phillip’s hobbies include clay-pigeon shooting, deep sea diving… and to be more realistic, badminton as well.

Claire is usually found hitting the tiles, practicing her dance moves for Strictly.
When she gets the chance, she loves jet-setting to new places.

As far as knowing each other well, Claire states jokingly; “I was hi-jacked!” and “We work together – when we have to!”.
They decided to join Ozanam Come Dancing 2015 because they feel it’s good to be able to do something to help Ozanam House Community Resource Centre and support the work Ozanam House does with young adults.

Their first impressions of the song and dance is they love the the Great Gatsby type of theme to it. They say their dance is very exciting, if not slightly terrifying! In three words: Fabulous, fun, flirty.


You can sponsor our dance here & help us raise funds for Ozanam House!


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    • Join a gym! But it is a workout in itself and will definitely get you fit! You will have loads of fun, meet new friends and learn things you never thought you could do!

    • I love to watch all styles of dance, everything from a ballroom style which can be so graceful and beautiful to watch to Latin which is so passionate and energetic . I love watching ‘Got to Dance’ and really admire the free style dancing and the talent that those dancers have. And of course ‘Strictly’ is always so inspirational for all us dancing ‘amateurs’ out there!

  1. The first few dance practices are going well, despite a few timing glitches. But they are getting there with the help of their fantastic choreographer, June.

    How are you getting along?

    “Well, no one’s stood on each others toes yet, and we’re still talking! Ha!”

    “We’re having great fun together.”

    Any surprises?
    They’re surprised they can actually ‘throw’ a few good moves, and that they have the courage to do this in front of an audience.

    Funny stories?
    “Twisting and turning into each other can go a bit askew but luckily we’ve survived so far – thank goodness for a sense of humour!”

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