Joan Cullen and Niall Coleman

Dancing the Quickstep.

Niall and Joan have an abundance of hobbies… Niall’s hobbies are life, stillness, dance and golf.
Joan’s hobbies are dance, walking, gardening and reading.

They both have taken dance classes for the past 5 years, but never competitively.

They’ve known each other before this competition and they took part in this to help fund-raise (through the art of dance).

Niall believes you should never go more than 17 years, without winning a prize!


You can sponsor our dance here & help us raise funds for Ozanam House!


25 comments on “Joan Cullen and Niall Coleman

  1. What was your first impression of the dance and song?

    “It is fun… it’s fantastic fun!”

    First few dance practices?


    How are you getting along with your dance partner?

    Niall – “Fondly.”

    Joan – “Very good.”

    Any surprises to date?

    Niall: “I’m faster mover than I thought!”

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