Ellen Nolan and Shane O’Neill

Dancing the Charleston.

Ellen’s hobbies are music, drama, swimming, yoga and reading. Shane’s hobbies are watching movies and public speaking.
Although Shane doesn’t have much experience dancing, Ellen has experience with ballet classes as a kid and has performed in musicals and plays.
They both knew each other before this event and decided to take part so that they could meet new people, give back to charity, learn a dance from a professional and to have fun!


You can sponsor our dance here & help us raise funds for Ozanam House!


17 comments on “Ellen Nolan and Shane O’Neill

  1. What is your first experience and impression of the dance and music?

    “We both love the song, it’s a great workout!”

    In three words…

    “fun, fast, sweat-inducing”

    How were the first few dance rehearsals?

    “It was great and June is an excellent dance teacher and very approachable!”

    How are you getting along with your dance partner?

    Ellen – “Fantastic – He’s a gem!”

    Shane – “Extremely well.”

    Any surprises?
    “I can still do a cart-wheel!” – Ellen

    Funny stories?

    “I just accidentally keep punching and stepping on my partner.”


    “I accidentally kicked Shane in the shin (sorry Shane!).”

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