Rebecca Russell Carrol and Barry Walsh

Dancing the Jive.

Rebecca and Barry in their mean time just like chillin’ out, maxin’ & relaxin’ all cool.

Their dance experience basically entails all their moves at Copper’s, Diceys and in front of the mirror, when no one’s watching…

They decided to take part in this event due to their long friendship of eight years. That’s including the college days and eventually professional colleagues at McCann Fitzgerald.



You can sponsor our dance here & help us raise funds for Ozanam House!


17 comments on “Rebecca Russell Carrol and Barry Walsh

    • Having a particular element of the dance feel as though it was done fluidly and correctly, eventually knitting the whole dance together, was a great feeling. All of our memories so far are brilliant but ideally the show itself will be the best.

  1. Why did you decide to take part?

    “For the associated and inevitable fame, glory and promotion (but actually to help out a fantastic cause, the work Ozanam House does is amazing).”

    For their first impression of the song and dance…

    “Show Stoppin’!”

    Your dance, in three words?

    “Show, Stoppin’, Choooooon”

    Any surprises yet?

    “Yes, our dance! However it was entirely a slap-stick physical comedy, Words can’t describe it!”

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