Ida Mitrani and Cian O’Daly

Dancing the Cha Cha Cha.

Cian’s hobbies are cycling, football,and gaming. Cian once was the ugly step sister in a school production of Cinderella in primary school, and that’s about as much performance skills and experience he has.

Over the last number of years, Cian has been concentrating on striking the right balance between work and family life. He has two small children and doesn’t have much time for activities outside of that. He decided he wanted to challenge himself and do something he’s never done before.

Ida loves art, literature, food, and wine! Great fun! And she has indeed had some dance experience before. Although she did not know her partner Cian before this event, she is extremely positive overall with the song and dance.


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  1. Ida has been recovering from a serious injury to her arm. She’s been a trooper to this whole process and has not given up. We admire her at Ozanam House for that dedication.

    Describe your dace in three words?

    Lively, sassy, cheeky

    First few dance practices?

    She says how they were challenging but enjoyable!

    Relationship between partner?

    They are getting along so well and learning the steps gradually, but at the same pace as one another.

    Although they haven’t had much practice together due to Ida’s injuries, they are giving it their best effort throughout.

  2. What was your first experience and impression of the song and dance?
    Cian felt that the song and dance were really enjoyable to experience but
    Cian was skeptical about the dance & choice of music at first, but he now sees they are a perfect fit. He says.

    “There was method to June’s madness after all.”

    Three words to describe your dance?

    Fun, challenging, fun!

    How were the first few dance practices?

    It was a little daunting at first, but June broke it down and made it easy to process. Confidence grew throughout the first few rehearsals.

    How are you getting on with rehearsals?

    Cian feels that Ida is a great dance partner. They’ve taken a similar approach to this process and are very focused but also up for having fun along the way which is always important.

    Any surprises?

    We aren’t as bad as we thought we would be.

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