Recruiting Fundraising Committee Members

Ozanam House is now recruiting Fundraising Committee Members.

Overview of the Volunteer Role:
Things are busier now than ever in the centre especially with over 500 people using the centre each week. The demands on the service keep growing. Unfortunately our challenge more than ever is to try and keep the funds in place to maintain the service and this challenge is growing each year especially in this difficult funding environment. The contact and association with companies and individuals from the private sector therefore really does make a huge difference to the lives of those we support.To reach our full potential and to achieve our goals in the centre we are constantly seeking financial support from the public and private sector. Over the past few years we have been successful in acquiring sponsorship from companies such as McCann Fitzgerald and Diageo, however we are now in a position where we need to take this link with the private sector to a new level, to research and target further companies with an interest in community investment and to complete relevant application forms where appropriate. We are therefore seeking individuals with the necessary skills, interest, contacts and drive to further develop our fundraising ambition in the centre.There will be numerous roles on this committee for individuals with different skills.

Committee Tasks: 

  • To promote a culture of fundraising throughout the volunteers, staff and service users extending the input our members have in the fundraising efforts in the centre.
  • To identify companies with Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Social Programmes and Staff Charity funds and source the right contacts within these companies.
  • To develop from this activity a list of companies to target in 2016 and beyond.
  • To contact and follow up with these companies organising meetings/presentations/ donors luncheons in the centre.
  • To develop these relationships and present Ozanam House as a potential partner in the CSR programmes and other fundraising programmes within these companies.
  • To support fundraising events during the year promoting the centre and those involved in it.
  • To develop, update and deliver power-point and other digital presentations.
  • To develop and update documentation for specific targets.
  • To review the packaging of Ozanam House and how we are presented to the private sector.
  • To develop flyers and other pieces of information.
  • To establish a forum within corporate sponsors/partners and present this package to them.
  • Other general responsibilities in the context of the role as agreed in the fundraising committee meetings.

Skills, Experience and Qualities Required and Utilised by Fundraising Committee:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Written word and presentation skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Creative design skills
  • Digital media skills
  • Good networking abilities
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Good powers of persuasion
  • Creative thinking
  • Effective problem solving
  • Positive and energetic attitude and strong desire to meet goals and commitments
  • Strong empathy with the vision and ethos of Ozanam House

Time commitment: 
The volunteers are expected to commit to 2 hours of work per week to fulfil their tasks. This time can be spent in the centre or at home and the timing is flexible. An exception is the committee meetings. The volunteers need to attend to the committee meetings which will take place in the centre every 6 weeks. These meetings are scheduled according to member’s availability.

The volunteers should commit to a minimum period of 12 months.

Induction and Follow-Ups: 

  • The fundraising committee member will have an initial meeting with the manager of Ozanam House, Tony Rock, to assess the suitability for the role and where applicable and to agree a timetable and schedule of duties in line with the volunteer role description.
  • The volunteer will attend an induction/information night in the centre prior to his/her first engagement and will get a general information pack to become familiar with the centre and our procedures.
  • It is planned that a team of 6-8 volunteers, committed to the fundraising committee, would meet once every 6 weeks to organise, develop and implement the action plan for the centre.
  • Ongoing support can be expected whenever necessary.
  • General volunteer meetings, for all volunteers of the house, will take place twice a year, in May and Novembers volunteers of the Fundraising Committee can attend if they want.


  • Personal and professional development
  • Learn new skills in networking and fundraising
  • Support our community resource centre in helping planned programmes and projects happen
  • Opportunity to make a great difference – one that is positive and rewarding – to your life and your community
  • Opportunity to work in and learn about a community resource centre
  • Opportunity to build up valuable work experience
  • To have lots of fun and an enjoyable time in a dynamic and progressive team


If you have great fundraising skills and ideas, and are interested in this role, please contact us now!

Phone: 01-8742804