Tickets On Sale Now

We are delighted to announce that Tickets are on sale now for our Fun Annual Fundraising Event; Ozanam Come Dancing 2016.

Tickets are available to purchase through the The Central Ticket Bureau ticket booking page.

Standard Tickets are just €18.00 (Balcony Seating or Stalls or Wheelchair)
Priority Seating are €25 (Stalls)

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Preparations for Ozanam Come Dancing 2016

As most of you will know, Ozanam Come Dancing is back again this year! We have 10 new couples, 20 pairs of dancing shoes and toe tapping music for all to enjoy! And after last year’s super successful venue, we have the pleasure of revisiting the great Liberty Hall again this year! Leah marking stage area

With 20 new fresh faces gracing the stage early this March, and only 5 weeks left, they are all busy learning their moves under the watchful eye of dance choreographer, June Carr.
We’ve heard that after the first few dance practices, our dance couples have had a few nervous moments and giggles, but altogether enjoyable first encounter for all.

Our dancers will be interacting with the various programmes that we run in the centre during the week, along with prepping for video interviews in the coming weeks.

Dancers Profile Pages

Profile pages for all the dancers are up and running (, where each dance couple will be keeping you up to date with all their news and gossips. You can also find links to their Fundraising portal pages hosted on the main website. Please show your support for our dance competitors and the worthy cause they are dancing for; Ozanam Youth Programmes.

Keep up to date with our Dance Couples progress & check out their blogs here:
News Blog Category – Ozanam Come Dancing 2016

Phil and David

Phil and David are dancing the Viennese Waltz.

Taking part in the event has ticked a few boxes, in terms of exercise and fitness and “doing something that scares you” and this is really scary!!

But the most important reason for taking part is the amazing work done by Ozanam House.  We were really impressed by the fantastic service they provide to so many diverse groups in the inner city and are really looking forward to helping that cause in some small way.
David & Phil

You can show your support for David and Phil by sponsoring them through their SVP Fundraising Page Here >>

Mark and Annie

Mark and Annie are dancing the Cha Cha Cha.

I decided to take part in Ozanam Come Dancing because ‘i got the moves like jagger’ and I have to put them to good use!  I have also volunteered in Ozanam House on the summer projects for about 8 years now. It’s a wonderful place where people can learn and grow and I am honoured to be able to raise funds for such a fantastic centre.

I am participating in this year’s Ozanam Come Dancing as it is for a fantastic cause. The work and community spirit within this charity is admirable and makes such a huge difference to people’s lives. I cannot wait to put on my dancing shoes and raise money for Ozanam.

You can show your support for Mark and Annie by sponsoring their dance through their SVP Fundraising Page Here >>

Lee and Moira

Lee and Moira are dancing the Paso Doble.

I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, sometimes despite myself. Having witnessed the excitement with Ozanam Come Dancing over the past two years, I jumped at the chance to take part this year. Dancing with a person I met for the first time eight weeks before the big night? Busting some serious moves when my usual dance is the food-prep kitchen shuffle along to 1950s New Orleans rhythm and blues?  All this in front of a crowd of friends, workmates and strangers – how could anyone say no?!
I’m looking forward to working with Moira, learning our routine, raising some funds for Ozanam House and having fun in the process. Oh, and getting to wear a cape as part of my costume!

Well I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and I think dancing in front of hundreds of people might just fit the bill! I’m also a huge fan of Ozanam House so being able to help fundraise and have a great experience seems the perfect combination.
I love to dance too, so learning a new dance from our great teacher June is a bucket list experience. Also I couldn’t deprive Lee from wearing a cape!

You can show your support for Lee and Moira by sponsoring their dance through their SVP Fundraising Page Here >>

Sean and Laura

Sean and Laura are Disco dancing.

I am doing Ozanam Come Dancing 2016 because I want to support this great charity, get fit and have some fun along the way. I have done a few things with Tony Rock and Donal Waddell over the years and this time I’m really getting involved and I’m delighted to be dancing and representing Guinness, Diageo.
Guinness has a long and proud tradition of helping the less well off, especially in Dublin city and I’d like to play even a small part in keeping this going.
My ability as a Disco dancer remains to be seen, but I’ll give it my best. I’m really encouraged by the ability and confidence of my dance partner Laura. I’m sure together we’ll put on a good show and raise as much money as possible.
Here’s to the next 8 weeks of practice and then the show.

I love dancing, it was a 2016 New Years resolution to take dance classes so when my friend emailed me to say Ozanam house were doing a fundraiser and were looking for volunteers I jumped at the chance to take part.
I now get a leg up ( no pun intended lol ) with following through on my resolution and also get to be part of fundraising for such a worthy cause.
#Supportedbytheuniverse #commitment #goodforthesoul #teamwork #funandbutterflys #exciting #supportozanamhouse #fabulouscause

You can show your support for Sean and Laura by sponsoring their dance through their SVP Fundraising Page Here >>

Odhran and Sarah

Odhran and Sarah are dancing the Charleston.

I’m doing the event because I’ve always liked dancing but never learnt formally and this is a great opportunity to give it a try while supporting a great organisation at the same time.”

I heard about the Ozanam Come Dancing through a colleague at LCP, who has been involved in the past with other fundraising events for the charity.
I’ve always enjoyed making a fool of myself on the dance floor and thought that it would be a good idea to raise some money this time.
Ozanam House do great work for the community and I know the money raised will help to bring enjoyment to a lot of people.

You can show your support for Odhran and Sarah by sponsoring their dance through their SVP Fundraising Page Here >>

Peter and Olga

Peter and Olga are dancing the Rumba.

We both enjoy dancing as a couple, and we wish that every couple would dance together even a little – it really creates another special bond between the two people.
We are delighted to be involved this year as it means we are able to do something good and help others while also enjoying the process – it also makes us feel great to be in this Ozanam House event.
Peter and Olga

You can show your support for Peter and Olga by sponsoring their dance through their SVP Fundraising Page Here >>

Pól and Nicola

Pól and Nicola are dancing the Samba.

I’ve volunteered in Ozanam House for two years now and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every single minute of it. I work with the senior youth groups. Over the last two years I have seen just how important Ozanam House is for all the young people.
It is a place for them to grow and learn both as individuals and as a group. I see first-hand the absolute pleasure the young people get from the centre. I hope that I can raise some much needed funds to ensure that this year’s summer project is bigger and better than ever!

I want to do this for Ozanam house because I know the great work that goes on at Ozanam for the community.
I wanted to take part in the youth summer project but unfortunately my work commitments could not afford me the time so this is a great way to give something back to the community.

You can show your support for Pol and Nicola by sponsoring their dance through their SVP Fundraising Page Here >>

Cedric and Valerie

Cedric and Valerie are dancing the famous dance scene from the movie “Dirty Dancing”!

I wanted to do something for charity and I find this a great mix between SVP and giving back to the community.  We should all be a little more generous and give more of our time to helping others.

When I heard of Ozanam House I was intrigued to find out more about it so I registered as a volunteer in the resource centre.  They do amazing work for the community.  I wanted to do this as my way of giving back, to show my support and of course, to have some fun while doing it.  We need more places like this around the country! Go SVP!

You can show your support for Cedric and Valerie by sponsoring their dance through their SVP Fundraising Page Here >>