Ozanam Come Dancing 2015 Blog

‘And so the preparations begin…’

As most of you will know Ozanam Come Dancing is back with a BANG this year! We have  10 new couples, a bigger and better venue and of course some toe tapping music for all!

We have 20 new fresh faces gracing the stage this March, and with only 6 weeks left, they are all busy learning their moves under the watchful eye of dance choreographer, June Carr.  We’ve heard that after the first few dance practices, there has been a few nervous moments and giggles but altogether enjoyable first encounter for all.

To keep you up to date with our Dancers progress check out the dancers own personal blogs on:



We have moved!

Yes, you’ve read it correctly! After last year roaring success at the Academy,  we  have decided to move the venue to Liberty Hall on  Dublin’s Eden quays.
This venue can hold up to 400 people and has premium seating for anyone wanting to have an exceptional night out. We are so excited about the new venue and we will be keeping you posted on the decoration and preparation for the big night.

Lastly, we want to say welcome to our very first post from Ozanam Come Dancing  blog! Also watch this space as we will be putting up information about tickets and the inside scope on our dancers, preparations and behind the scenes!!

Joan Cullen and Niall Coleman

Dancing the Quickstep.

Niall and Joan have an abundance of hobbies… Niall’s hobbies are life, stillness, dance and golf.
Joan’s hobbies are dance, walking, gardening and reading.

They both have taken dance classes for the past 5 years, but never competitively.

They’ve known each other before this competition and they took part in this to help fund-raise (through the art of dance).

Niall believes you should never go more than 17 years, without winning a prize!


You can sponsor our dance here & help us raise funds for Ozanam House!


Claire Lewis and Phillip Madden

Dancing the Charleston. 

Phillip’s hobbies include clay-pigeon shooting, deep sea diving… and to be more realistic, badminton as well.

Claire is usually found hitting the tiles, practicing her dance moves for Strictly.
When she gets the chance, she loves jet-setting to new places.

As far as knowing each other well, Claire states jokingly; “I was hi-jacked!” and “We work together – when we have to!”.
They decided to join Ozanam Come Dancing 2015 because they feel it’s good to be able to do something to help Ozanam House Community Resource Centre and support the work Ozanam House does with young adults.

Their first impressions of the song and dance is they love the the Great Gatsby type of theme to it. They say their dance is very exciting, if not slightly terrifying! In three words: Fabulous, fun, flirty.


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Deirdre Gavin and Conor O’Boyle

 Dancing a 60’s Swing.

Dierdre’s hobbies are yoga, tennis, and reading. Conor’s hobbies are playing pool, gym, and tennis.

While they both have extensive experience ‘busting out’ their moves in the clubs, Deirdre has experience with Irish dancing.

When asked if they knew each other before this experience they said, “Yes, we are partners, since way before Strictly.” They took part in this event because it’s a great cause and it will be fun to learn to dance.


You can sponsor our dance here & help us raise funds for Ozanam House!


Sarah Kavanagh and Ronan Kelleher

Dancing the Cha Cha Cha.

Ronan’s hobbies include soccer, reading, cycling volunteering in Ozanam House and dancing in Coppers.

Sarah’s hobbies are Camogie, shopping and of course volunteering! They both have extensive knowledge and experience of dancing in coppers.

Their first impression of the dance and music?
Very fast, but lots of fun. In three words: Twisty, fast, fun!




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Judith Kelly and Shane Connolly

 Dancing the Hustle.

Judith’s hobbies are the flying trapeze! While Shane’s main hobby is competitive dancing.

Judith has had experience in the circus, while Shane says ” I nearly won Ozanam Come Dancing last year, but I was robbed due to internal SVP politics! – Ha ha!”
They didn’t know each other before the competition, but Shane thinks he knows Judith from “Crime Watch”. A joker that one.

They decided to participate because Shane loves dancing and Judith says, “If your not in, you can’t win”.


You can sponsor our dance here & help us raise funds for Ozanam House!