The Youth Group’s Scavenger Hunt

Last week, we competed in a Scavenger Hunt around the building, but first, we had our traditional circle time. We discussed our energy levels, our moods and what our favourite activity at the beach was. Some of our favourites are counting crabs, throwing stones into the sea and snorkelling.

After learning the rules of the Scavenger Hunt, the children were on their way exploring. The Scavenger Hunt took place in many different rooms in this old Georgian house. The goal of the game was to crack the code and count the number of objects hidden around the rooms. These were  pictures of slush puppies, ice creams, etc. They had to be quick though, they had five minutes to count all the objects and break the code.

This activity helps develop a number of skills in the children. The groups have to cooperate as a team to complete the different tasks. It also creates healthy competition as they had to complete the objectives within the time-frame, although everyone was a winner. Something that is very important and something we always try to do is to get the children familiar with Ozanam House itself. Using the entire house for different games is a great way of getting the children comfortable with their environment and their community.


Calling All Former Volunteers

Dear Friends,

It is that time of the year again…. the buds are back on the trees, the sun is trying its hardest to shine…. and we are hoping that you will be interested and able to come back to Ozanam House and join our Summer Project Team again this year.


This year our summer projects, both senior and youth projects are being coordinated by our long time Volunteers, Eireann and Nino and they are hoping that you will be able to once again share your expertise and your energy to assist them in running a successful project in 2018.


Having volunteers who have been on the project before makes such a HUGE difference to the success of the summer.

Your knowledge, skills and experience as well as the confidence that you bring has such a positive impact on the projects and is a big support to our coordinators and to those volunteers who will be joining us for the first time.

We would love to have you back!


We are trying to have our team confirmed and in place by MID MAY this year so if you are interested in coming back on board this year please let us know asap.


I have attached a ‘Returning Volunteer Interest Form’ that you could fill in and send back to us or just drop us a line letting us know when you are available and we will do the rest.


In the meantime if you have any questions or queries just let us know

Phone us on: 01-874-2804

Or email:

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Having Fun 2016



Join Our Summer Team 2018


Dear Friends,

If you have skills you wish to share, if you want to have a unique and fun experience, to develop your skills further, greatly enhancing your CV and also to make a really big difference in the lives of young people in the Inner City then get in touch NOW:

Ozanam House is a community project operated by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul and located in Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1.

Throughout the year we run childcare, youth, adult education and community programmes.

Each summer we undertake a large number of summer programmes for young people of all ages and we engage as many volunteers as possible in making this happen. Volunteers are asked to give a minimum of one week to the project of their choice. Full Training is provided in advance of the start date.

Summer Projects 2018

During the summer months the centre is taken up with our Summer Projects, with 200 children and young people involved in action packed, activity based programmes.

We run 2 summer projects as follows:

1)   SENIOR Youth Service   –  

       13 to 18 years   –   18th June to 13th July    Monday to Friday  – daytime hours (normally 12pm-5pm).

2)   YOUTH Summer Project   –  

       6 to 12 years   –   2nd   July to 27th  July     Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 4pm.

As you can imagine they are all great fun, very energising and also very rewarding as we engage vulnerable children who otherwise would not have any activities or holidays during the summer. The children and young people engage in action packed programmes which include arts and crafts, sports, film making, cookery, weekly excursions, photography, fashion design, swimming and much more.

See our Photo Library from previous projects below for a sneak preview of what to expect….


So, if you have skills you wish to share, if you want to have a unique and fun experience, to develop your skills further, greatly enhancing your CV and also to make a really big difference in the lives of young people in the Inner City get in touch BY MAY 18th 2018:


Phone              01-8742804



find us on Facebook – ‘SVP Ozanam House’


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Looking For OYG Volunteers Urgently

Volunteers Urgently Required

Ozanam Youth Group 1 – Tuesday or Thursday 5-6.30pm

Ozanam Youth Group 2 – Wednesday 5-6.30pm

Contact Kim or Tony
Phone: 01-874-2804

If you haven’t volunteered before, and wish to find out more about Volunteering and the Ozanam Youth Groups, You can find more information in this post:

Summer Project Youth Group Monday 6th July 2015

FlyingSaucer2 Planet 1 The Youth Group Summer Project 2015 is taking off today, and we promise that it will be out of this world!

This years theme is Outer Space, and the different groups are named after some of the planets in our very own galaxy. We have the Jupiter Group, Mars Group, Pluto Group, Mercury Group and of course the Neptune Group.

We have activities lined up from Art and Crafts, Games, Quizzes, Sports, Day Trips, Music, Cookery, and Swimming!

Doors will open at 10.30am.