Ozanam Come Dancing – The Rehearsals Begin!

Ozanam Come Dancing is back and we kicked off with our first rehearsal night on Tuesday! We have 9 very excited couples and it is already setting out to be one fantastic event!

To enquire about the event, how to donate, how to get involved or for any other info, just email us at niamh@ozanamhouse.ie or call us at (01)8742804.


Looking Back at Last Year’s Ozanam Come Dancing (Part 2)

Read more thoughts from the rest of the dancers as they prepared for their performances.

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Have you signed up for this year yet? Email niamh@ozanamhouse.ie or call (01) 874 2804 to find out more.

A sample of the thoughts:

Question 2:     What are you most nervous about on the night?

To be honest, tearing a hole in my fishnets. And Tiarnan dropping me!

(Ed: neither happened)

Question 3:     Do you have any funny stories from rehearsals so far?

Tiarnan calls me “Annette” when I get ratty with him. My alter ego, apparently.

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Looking Back at Last Year’s Ozanam Come Dancing (Part 1)

Throwback to 2020 OCD and our lovely dancers!

Have you signed up for this year yet? Email niamh@ozanamhouse.ie or call (01) 874 2804 to find out more.

Check out what some of our dancers were thinking as they prepared their routines for the show.

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Here is a sample…

Question 3:     Do you have any funny stories from rehearsals so far?

Yes. Last week at rehearsal, Harry bent down to lift me and tore open the back of his trousers!

Question 4:     Describe your partner in three words?

Messer, sweetheart, FLIRT.

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Three Spaces for Couples Left for Ozanam Come Dancing

The spaces for couples to join us for Ozanam Come Dancing are filling up quickly. We still have 3 spaces to fill in the next 3 weeks, so if you want to get moving and shaking, and want to raise money for a good cause and learn a new skill, then email niamh@ozanamhouse.ie or call us at (01)8742804 to find out more about Ozanam Come Dancing 2022 and how you can help.

Ozanam House Come Dancing Nov 2022

Take the plunge and join up to be one of our dancers for Ozanam Come Dancing 2022. It is our ninth annual OCD (apart from the lost covid years!) and it is being held on the 18th of November in Liberty Hall. The wonderful Brendan Courtney will host again this year and we will also have celebrity judges and spectacular half time acts. All we ask is for a 30 minute commitment each week for 9 weeks and the enthusiasm to raise some funds for Ozanam House.

Join Ozanam Come Dancing 2022

If you would like to get involved or want to know more information, please contact us at niamh@ozanamhouse.ie or phone (01)8742804 by Friday August 26th 2022.

Ozanam Come Dancing is Back!

Ozanam Come Dancing 2018

Liberty Hall, 9th March 2018

Doors Open; 7.30pm

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You are invited to join us at our biggest FUNdraising event of the year; Ozanam Come Dancing 2018. This event will raise funds for the vital work we do in the community, focusing on our summer youth programmes where we hope to engage over 250 children and young people  from the north inner city in a safe and fun programme during the summer months.

Our twelve brave couples will battle it out to become Ozanam Come Dancing CHAMPIONS 2018. Our judges, and you, the audience, will decide which of our couples executes Cha Cha, Disco, Tango or Jive the best. Tickets will go on sale next week and can be purchased through our website www.ozanamhouse.ie

Stay in the loop here on our news page, our through our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on the dancers, the events and even some sneak previews behind the scenes.

Last year, with your help, we raised a whopping €41,150 for our summer projects. So, join us on a night full of entertainment and fun. See you there.

You can also learn more about each of our dance couples, via the links below.

Catriona and Franco

Brenda and Gary

Maria and Derek

Gillian and Darryn

Neisha and Jamie

Eimear & Ken

Lynn and Joe

Chiara and Fabrizio

Peter and Nina

Celene and Ronan

David and Rachael

Catherine and Fran